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5 Easy Ways To Raise Your Game on Twitter


Are you making the most of the time you spend on Twitter?

With around 284 million active monthly users, Twitter is the only type of marketing that will reach huge amounts of people whilst being completely free of charge!

Done right, Twitter could help you raise brand awareness and attract new opportunities, but being successful takes more than firing out a few good one-liners.

If you’re not seeing positive results then consider these 5 easy ways to raise your Twitter game.

1. Think about your profile design

One of the simplest ways to attract attention to your account is a well-designed profile. Your avatar, theme colour and header photo all work to represent you in and around Twitter so it makes sense that they are bold, eye-catching and consistent with your branding.

2. Rewrite your bio

Your Twitter bio is the only opportunity you get to introduce yourself to other users. Ideally, your bio should contain keywords that explain who you are, what you do and why people should follow you. You only have a limited amount of characters so whether you choose to do it in 3 words or 30, those words need to make an impact!

3. Add some visuals

Are you tweeting every day but not getting much engagement or response back? Did you know you could increase your reach just by adding an image to your post? Research carried out by Twitter showed that the addition of a photo resulted in a massive boost in the number of retweets (an average of 35%.)

4. Join a Twitter hour

A Twitter Hour is an online conversation that brings together likeminded users at a certain time of week. Users can talk in real time through the use of Twitter’s hashtags – some of the more popular examples include #BizHour #NorthWestHour #weddinghour, and you can often find Platform81 following #stockporthour.

Twitter hours are a great way to find new business but avoid joining in and shouting repetitive sales messages at people. Use the time to engage, share your expertise and allow any sales leads to grow naturally.

5. Make a list

Twitter Lists allow you to organise other users into different groups.

Lists are quick and easy way to monitor potential customers, keep up to date with contacts you met at an event or manage multiple clients.

You could even use a List to keep track of competitor’s activity (just make sure you set it to private!)

For more advice on Twitter or any aspect of your social media campaign contact hannah@platform81.com!