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5 Subject Line Strategies for Your Email Campaign


When sending an email campaign, first impressions count. 

In most cases, the subject line is the first thing recipients will see and believe it or not it can make or break your email’s success.

Read on for our top tips for creating the perfect subject line:

  1. Not too sales focused

Regardless of whether you are sending out a newsletter or product-focused mailer, try to keep your subject line from sounding like you’re pushing the recipient to purchase. For example, instead of demanding ‘Buy our product now!’ why not try suggesting ‘Check out our latest product’. This small change makes customers feel less pressured and more likely to click on your email.

  1. Not too long

The subject line should be a taster or a ‘hook’ to your message. Find the balance between informing the recipient what the mailer is about, without boring them or giving away too much information. We recommend around 40 characters to increase the likelihood of the full subject line being displayed rather than a truncated version.

  1. Appeal to your audience

When creating your subject line it’s important to bear in mind your target audience. For example, if you’re in a highly specialized industry sending a campaign to recipients within your field, it would be appropriate to use terminology specific to that industry. However, if you were sending your campaign to new or potential customers, it would be wise not to alienate them with industry jargon.

  1. Be transparent

The subject line of your email should accurately reflect the contents of the email. Recipients are more likely to unsubscribe from future communications if they feel you have tricked them into opening your mailer. While a misleading subject line may gain you more clicks initially, it would eventually lead to a decline in subscribers.

  1. Use personalisation

Personalisation is a great way to speak directly with your recipients and catch their attention. Depending on the data you have available, you could use the recipient’s name, location or a product they have registered an interest in. If a recipient feels like they are receiving a message tailored to them, they are much more likely to click into the email and read more.

For example ‘Dave, here are some great offers around the Stockport area’ is much more appealing to a customer than a generic statement.

If you would like more advice about your subject line or anything email marketing related, get in touch with Platform81.