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5 Ways You Can Market Your Brand with a Bang


Remember, remember the 5th November. Or, remember, remember the 5 marketing tips for brand success. Okay, so maybe it hasn’t quite got the same ring to it but, if you want your brand to light up the sky, then listen up.


Be Unique

Just like fireworks, you aren’t going to make a statement if you aren’t unique. You need to have something about your brand that makes you different from everybody else, if not, then why should a customer choose you? Is your brand fun or outrageous? Calm or outspoken? Whatever it is, make sure it is memorable for the right reasons.


One of the best things about bonfire night is that everybody comes together because of one thing. In any industry, especially the digital one, networking with others is exactly the same, you all come together because of what you do. If you can effectively build up a network of people through social events, you will certainly be increasing brand awareness.

Tell a story

Just like the above point, you need to be personal as a brand if you want to engage your customers. If a customer can connect with your brand through emotion, they will more than likely buy from you. Make sure your brand has its very own story and don’t be afraid to showcase that.

Digital Marketing

Instagram is the place to be on bonfire night if you want to see hundreds of glorious firework snapshots. However, Instagram isn’t the only place you should be. Social media as a whole is perfect for brand success, if you use the right tone and targeting, you have effectively got a large sector of your target audience ready and waiting for you online.

Website & SEO

People won’t be aware of your brand and what you offer if you don’t have a website. Simple. To further that, you won’t be known if that website isn’t ranking. SEO is incredibly important for any brand as it is essential for success.

Don’t worry about the last two points, because that’s exactly what we are here for. We create websites, offer SEO services and create social media with a spark too. So, remember, remember, this 5th November, to get in touch with us for ultimate brand success.