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Brexit…A Platform To Expand Online?


“With the increasing trend to shop online, Platform81 a website design agency based in Bromsgrove, are helping local businesses get online and expand with ecommerce solutions, bucking the trend to see Brexit as a time for economic uncertainty.

Shopping online is often making headline news, as the shift from buying from the high street is in decline, but the positive impact of developing a website where you can shop at any time with ease, can open many doors for local businesses. With Brexit at the forefront of everyone’s mind since the result of the referendum, it’s even more important to support our local businesses, trading locally and promoting expansion.

Platform81 website design agency, are well experienced in developing high impact websites, specialising in ecommerce solutions and selling online. They’re reaching out to local businesses to calm the worries of Brexit and can provide helpful advice on expansion plans beyond the local business network.

Local business Ngenco, Bromsgrove manufacturer of innovative liquid vinyl wrap spray for vehicles, have joined forces with Platform81 to make their dreams of expanding online a reality. Not only did Platform81 build a unique, high quality ecommerce website allowing customers to add products to an online shopping cart, but they also assisted in a full rebrand of the company.

Gary Mawhinney, Creative Director at Platform81 explains the benefits of companies selling online, particularly in light of the Brexit referendum result;

“We’re here to offer advice to local companies who are concerned with Brexit and are looking for new ways to sell and strengthen their key markets. For local businesses, online shopping is key for growth and expansion. For consumers it’s quick, easy and hassle free, there’s no parking or waiting in queues, plus you can purchase products at any time, day or night, comparing multiple products with ease.” He adds, “I can see how Brexit could make local businesses feel uncertain, and no doubt we’ll experience many changes over the coming years, but one thing is for sure, exploring opportunities online is a sound, future-proof investment”.

It is extremely important for a company’s website not only to be attractive and appealing, but to be user friendly and easy to navigate around. Platform81 can advise on the most suitable and effective website layout and they create a design which helps personalise and enrich the customer’s shopping experience, in turn encouraging them to make purchases.

Platform81 was first established eight years ago, with their Bromsgrove Office launching three years ago. Their vision was to provide a solution for small businesses who required creative website design to establish their business within the market, but couldn’t afford expensive agency fees. Since then the company has grown significantly, offering a diverse range of services in brand identity, graphic design, digital marketing, online advertising, and are specialists in ecommerce website design.

For more information about Platform81 and their services, please visit www.platform81.com or call 01527 810 567.”


Press release written by: Emma Townsend, Prime Mix Marketing @PrimeMixMktg.