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Shonn Brothers

Website Design Development PPC SEO


Shonn Brothers are an international wholesaler who approached Platform81 for digital marketing after they had completed the build of a new website. This was a complex build with layers of functionality, a task that our developers were keen to take on. With transactions being placed every few minutes, it’s vital for Shonn Brothers that their organic presence is not only maintained but also improved upon every single month.

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Web Design & UX

Instead of completely redesigning the website, a design ‘refresh’ was decided upon. This was a tactful decision as many of the business’s customers are repeat users and understood the website’s design and frontend functionality. Therefore, it was essential that the user experience (UX) on site was the same. The new website holds some of the traditional elements of the previous site but with the added use of the latest technologies on offer to create new graphics and bring the site into 2020.

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The Colours





The Typography


Digital Marketing

01. SEO

The SEO campaign on Shonn Brothers mostly revolves around technical on-page and technical optimisations. E-commerce must be fast, data-rich and easily crawlable for best ranking performance. When a site has a few thousand products available at any point in time, every little optimisation matters. From thorough website architecture to in-depth internal linking strategy. We have left no stones unturned, big or small.

02. PPC

The first thing we did was to access Search Console and see what keywords ranked well and drove revenue from an organic point of view, with the aim of broadening out these campaigns with paid campaigns to increase exposure. We also increased the geographical reach – campaigns focused on local to the warehouse showroom, and the rest of the UK where stock could be delivered.

Traffic increased exponentially, and what was an unprofitable campaign, become one of the key revenue-driving channels.

The Results

As a result, the website continually sees high levels of traffic 24/7. Thanks to its own dedicated server which we built the website on, we have been able to specifically manage the number of orders and users. We have obtained high-quality relevant backlinks through outreach and increased the domain authority substantially within the first 12 months.


increase in transactions


increase in revenue


increase in profitability