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Our Top Work From Home Tips!


For many businesses, working from home every once in a while is a luxury. But under the current circumstances it’s one we’re very lucky to have available to us at Platform81, as we carry on our work as normal (as possible) without it affecting our client output.

In the office our coworkers, countless meetings, brew rounds or music debates often present the greatest distraction to keeping us from getting some real, heads-down work completed. However, as we now face some other distractions, such as ‘the other half’, small helpers and kitchen cupboards as a distraction, we thought we’d share our individual top tips on remaining focussed when working from home.

1 – Keep up the workplace bants via Slack!

2 – Drink tea in abundance, especially if there’s no one else to make them for you now (David depends on this daily).

3 – Make your workspace organised, and easy to put to one side at the end of the working day to ensure you have some brain space – especially if you have kids! Oh, and plenty of biscuits.

4 – Try to treat it like a normal work day, set a start time, lunch time and end time, making sure to have regular breaks to stretch your legs.

5 – If your partner is also at home use the phrase ‘look love, I can’t (INSERT TASK HERE ) right now as I’m at work.’

6 – Walk the dog (if you have one) on your lunch hour.

7 – Don’t have lunch at your desk, and work in more than one room – a change of scenery does wonders!

8 – Also wear underpants at all times. (One we hope is adhered to in the office too!)

9 – Force yourself outside and get some fresh air at lunch. Also invest in Frozen 2 for your bored toddler!

10 – Take advantage of having a proper kitchen and cook some proper breakfast and lunch meals.

11 – With young children who can be quite giddy and would love to tap on your laptop just to see what happens, stay productive by making sure that you have space to work undistracted.

12 – Don’t substitute your team with Loose Women.

These are going to be challenging times and we don’t know how long this situation will go on for, but we really hope you’ve all managed to find a way to carry on with your routines as normally as possible.

During this time we need to do what we can to support and look out for each other, and Platform81 are here to help assist your business as and where we can. If anyone wants to get in touch, please do call on 0161 850 2381 – all our calls have been diverted. Or you can contact your Account Manager directly via email.