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Shotgun or Rifle?


It’s a big step for most companies to consider outsourcing work to a Digital & Design Agency. Who do you approach? How much should things cost? Is the Agency any good? Will you get the support you really need? Will they deliver results?

You wouldn’t approach a plasterer to build your house, or a bricklayer to design it, so if you’re looking at a new website, a new brochure or a fresh approach to your advertising, it’s important to get the right advice from the right professional. Behind any good piece of collateral there is a good set of marketing principles.

Increasingly, people want to be spoken to as individuals and feel that they are getting a personal service. Market segmentation is the key to ensuring that you find your customers and target them with interesting and relevant messages. It’s the difference between firing a shotgun into a crowd and firing a rifle at a clear target.

Some simple steps include;

  • Identify the markets that you operate in
  • Identify existing and prospect customers in these markets
  • Segment/divide these customers into groups that share common characteristics
  • Understand what features/benefits of your service/product will make them tick
  • Devise a strategy to target each customer segment
  • Produce creative materials that engage them

It’s only when you understand your customers that you can understand what they want to hear from you and what creative will get them excited!

When you use Platform81, you’re getting a team of dedicated professionals that live and breathe marketing, design and digital services. We take time to understand your customers and your business so that we present your business professionally and in a way that appeals to your target clients.

If you’re planning your next website, brochure or advertising campaign, we’d love to speak to you at the early stages to make sure you don’t waste that all important marketing budget with a shotgun approach!