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We took fundraising to new heights! (15,000ft to be precise!)


As part of our ongoing #10for10 campaign, we wanted to join with Kidscan to beat children’s cancer by taking on a challenge that really pushed us to our limits. So what better way than flying to 15,000ft and then freefalling back to Earth!?!

Yesterday marked the end to our skydive countdown as the team Amanda, Luke, James, David and Nick partnered with an experienced professional at Lancaster Black Knights Parachute centre to tandem skydive to raise the vital funds needed to help find new treatments to prevent childhood cancer.

The day began with an early start, which we honestly couldn’t have picked better weather for! In normal Platform81 fashion the team decided to go the extra mile and all volunteered to raise the height of their jumps and ascend to 15,000ft instead of the usual 11,000 (which is the highest jump in the UK currently across existing skydiving centres). After the safety briefing had taken place the team awaited their names to be called, only having to remember one thing…. Banana, banana, banana!

Whilst waiting our turn it was fantastic to witness other hobbyist skydivers casually gear up, take off to the heavens and descend back to earth through clear skies. With families in full support, James lead the way as the first P81 skydiver, “…before I knew it I was in the jump suit and getting in a plane. Such an adrenalin rush to be the first out!”

Followed shortly after James, Nick and David took to the skies together (not tandem may we add!), with Nick even being allowed full control of the descent and chute for a brief few moments as he and his instructor glided down to earth.

Next up was Amanda, who to everyone’s surprise was extremely calm.

“I kept thinking surely the nerves are going to kick in, but I was just so excited nerves went out the window – literally! There was probably one moment during the ascent when my tandem instructor pointed out that we were at 1,000 ft and we only had another 14,000 to go that I thought…. am I really doing this?!?”

Last up was Luke, and probably the most nervous of the team, although he stepped up to the challenge and agreed to have his dive filmed. You can check out his full video here. If you want to check out more of the action from the day take a look at our Twitter or Instagram channels where you’ll see snaps from the day.

Nick said, “I honestly couldn’t be more proud of the whole team, not only for jumping out of a plane but for their sheer determination to help raise as much money as possible for Kidscan.”

As part of our ongoing efforts to raise £10,000 we are just short of the half way point with nearly £4,000 raised so far with over £2,000 of that coming from the skydive alone.

We would really appreciate it if you could help us on our mission in our 10th year, so if you would like to sponsor the team for their plummet to earth, or want to just support an amazing cause,  you can do so by following the link here.

Find out more about our #10for10 campaign here! OR if you would like to take on a challenge for Kidscan you can register your interest for their events here.