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Second Peak Performance

Website Design Development Brand Identity


Second Peak Performance is a dedicated partner in athlete career transition, facilitating a seamless shift from elite competition to the next chapter. With a focus on building a robust network within the business realm, the company forms meaningful connections with athletes and partner businesses to offer unwavering support throughout this pivotal journey.

In the fast-evolving landscape of athlete career transition, Second Peak Performance recognizes the paramount importance of a strong digital online presence. A well-crafted website serves as a dynamic platform to extend our reach, connect with athletes at various stages of their journey, and provide valuable resources and insights.

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Brand Identity

We crafted a striking brand identity that symbolises each athlete’s unique journey, depicted as individual fingerprints. Central to the brand mark is a peak, ingeniously integrated within the fingerprint, representing the new heights athletes aim to reach in their business ventures.

Web Design & UX

The Second Peak Performance website boasts a sleek, modern design tailored to assist athletes transitioning into business roles. Its distinctive color palette, featuring a sophisticated black backdrop enlivened by a bright pink and orange gradient, creates a striking and memorable visual experience. Seamless navigation is at the forefront of the design, guiding visitors effortlessly through resources, mentorship programs, and success stories. High-quality imagery showcases athletes’ dual identities—as competitors and as emerging business leaders—encouraging users to envision their own path from the sports arena to the corporate world.

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The Colours




The Typography


The Results

The launch of our new website has marked a transformative chapter in Second Peak Performance's journey, elevating our capacity to empower athletes during their career transition. This digital endeavour has yielded remarkable outcomes that redefine how athletes access guidance, opportunities, and a thriving community.

Platform81 have been excellent to work with. They have taken care of all aspects, from branding to design and functionality of the site. They are clearly working well as a team and the joined-up approach has resulted in a great end product. I would highly recommend them. Project delivered on time and on budget.

Ian Kennedy | Director