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How to Make your Brand more Desirable


We are in contact with brands each and every day. Desirable brands are the ones that catch our attention, get us excited and leave us wanting (and buying) more.

Brand desire is a reaction to the range of responses a brand provokes in us.

A study from global marketing agency Clear suggested that a desirable brand should be able to do three things:

1-Influence how we THINK

Desirable brands should command our respect, admiration and attention.

e.g. – Unicef, WWF and Fairtrade

2- Influence how we FEEL

Desirable brands can create strong feelings of emotional attachment. They are attractive, and consumers feel proud to be associated with them.

e.g. – Ferrari, Apple, Tiffany

3- Influence how we ACT

Desirable brands can inspire action. They are talking points and brands consumers want to hear more about.

e.g. – Amazon, iPad, YouTube

A great brand will aspire to do all three of these things, and do them well.

So in light of this, what should your business be doing to ensure your brand is high on the list of desirability?

Your brands ‘personality’ is a good place to start, and it can be an extremely powerful tool when making your brand more desirable.

Is your brand reliable or risk taking? Modern or traditional? Laid back or hard working? These are all things to consider.

Desirable brands often display traits such as being open-minded, considerate, optimistic and confident.

In order to improve consumer’s perception of your brand should clearly demonstrate what you are doing for the consumer, their community and/or wider concerns.