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The benefits of own brand bidding


One of our most asked questions from our clients is “Should I be bidding on my own brand?”

What is Brand Bidding?

Brand bidding is a type of keyword advertising that is frequently utilised in a negative light, especially when it affects third-party brand names. For example, company X would bid on company Y’s brand name, and ads for company X would appear in the search engine whenever someone searched for company Y’s brand name, with the goal of directing visitors from company X to company Y.

PPC brand bidding may also result in a rise in the cost of search engine marketing bids. The more corporations or people that bid on a keyword, the more costly that keyword’s ad will be. For organization Y, this indicates that their competitors are driving up the price of reservations under their own brand name since there is more competition for these terms.

So should I be bidding on my own brand? Why, when you’re already ranking organically, at no cost to your business, would you spend more money on clicks? Good question.

Our answer in short is, yes absolutely. We would always recommend introducing a small, own brand campaign, to your strategy. When you analyse effectively, find the right keywords, and target the right audience, PPC marketing delivers massive returns.

Platform81’s PPC management services supercharge your campaigns, delivering instant market presence and even more bang for your buck. Paid Search marketing is just what it sounds like, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

Below are some of the reasons why bidding on your own brand can be beneficial to your paid search strategy.

Suggests credibility

By ranking both organically and in the paid search ads, you are dominating the search results. This not only pushes your competitors down but also gives your business a sense of credibility. Stats support the assumption that users are more likely to click on a result that ranks in both organic and paid searches. The first result on a Google Search Engine Results Page has a 28.5% click-through rate. By the time you get to the 10th result, the CTR has fallen to 2.5%. Therefore, there is a strong relationship between a higher SERP position and a better click-through rate (CTR) that can help increase your organic reach and traffic.’

Have more control over your Customer Journey

A paid ad can be better constructed and optimised than an organic listing. You can provide useful extensions like a phone number, email address, additional links to other pages, product reviews and imagery improving your chances of conversion.

In most cases, an organic ad takes the user to the homepage. Your paid ad can deliver your user to a specific page – a service, product, or promotional offer landing page

Helps improve your Quality Score

Due to the relevancy of your advert, your brand campaigns receive a high-quality score.  This quality score improves the overall performance of all your campaigns. Google loves a high-quality score and will reward you by lowering your cost per click (CPC), helping improve ROI for your account.

Increase CTR and traffic

In 2011 Google conducted a study called “Search Ads Pause Studies”. The results of the study indicated that on average, the incremental ad clicks percentage is 89%. Meaning a full 89% of the traffic generated by search ads isn’t substituted by organic clicks when ads are paused. Put simply, running paid search ads increases the CTR for your listings (including organic listings), and provides you with as much as 89% incremental clicks.

Do you need help with your PPC strategy? Our free comprehensive PPC audit checks over 100 items to assess how hard your campaigns are working for you, and then we can tell you what we will do to make them work harder.

You can’t let your PPC campaigns just tick along, it is so much bigger than that, and that’s why you need an experienced agency to take your online presence to the next level and ultimately grow your business through a tailored marketing strategy. Get in touch with our expert team today.