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Thursday May 23rd

ServiceMaster Manchester – PPC and SEO Case Study

by Hayley, Account Manager   |   May 23, 2024   | 
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ServiceMaster Manchester Case Study

ServiceMaster Manchester, a commercial cleaning company, turned to us for their digital marketing strategy in 2022. They wanted to increase traffic and conversions via the website using PPC and SEO.

Understanding the Brief: 

ServiceMaster Manchester aimed to increase its visibility and generate more leads through their website. Their goals were ambitious yet clear: increase website traffic, boost conversions, and enhance user engagement. Aiming to secure a larger market share in Greater Manchester, ServiceMaster Manchester needed us to implement a robust SEO strategy and revamp their existing PPC campaigns.

Strategic Execution: 

Our Paid and Organic Search teams approached the task methodically, tailoring a bespoke digital marketing solution to suit the requirements. Our SEO and PPC teams initiated a comprehensive campaign to drive targeted traffic to ServiceMaster Manchester’s website. The SEO team aimed to improve search engine rankings and amplify online visibility. Through keyword research, content optimisation, collaboration and technical enhancements. Our PPC team aimed to enhance click-through rates and conversion rates while minimising costs by refining ad targeting, copy, and bidding strategies.

The Results: 

The work our teams carried out for ServiceMaster Manchester yielded fantastic results. The results exceeded expectations and set new benchmarks for digital performance. In just one year, the results spoke volumes: 

ServiceMaster Manchester Increase in Clicks

Client Testimonial: 

CJ Micallef, Managing Director at ServiceMaster Manchester, has praised Platform81’s exceptional service and unwavering commitment to their vision: 

“Platform81 are the best website provider we have ever worked with. The staff are highly responsive, committed to our vision, always diligently working away in the background to help our company achieve.” 

Conclusion – Transforming Vision into Reality

Through a tailored approach, meticulous execution, and dedication, our team drove ServiceMaster Manchester to enhance their online presence, attract more customers, and elevate their brand. 

With a proven track record of delivering exceptional outcomes and exceeding client expectations, Platform81 stands as a trusted partner in the digital marketing landscape, committed to transforming visions into reality.  

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