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Search engines are constantly evolving. Competition increases, guidelines become more technical, and page one search rankings become more difficult to achieve. Platform81’s holistic search engine optimisation services are your guide through this ever-changing marketing landscape. With our technical experience, your site’s credibility and visibility are all but assured. Trust our Stockport based experts. We’ll take you where you need to be.

Organic search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving your position in non-paid search listings. The end result of this process is a higher position, increased visibility, and a far better chance of a conversion or a sale.

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Technical SEO

The foundation of any SEO service is making sure the search engines can read (crawl) and rank (index) your website. Without firming up your technical foundations, your whole strategy is on shaky ground. After all, if Google can’t find your site, what chance do your customers have?

On-site Optimisation

On-site optimisation focuses on your website’s content – from the words that your customers read, to meta data and image tags that only the search engines see. Our experts start by researching your business and your market to find a strategy that’ll deliver conversions, before getting to work optimising your site’s content to invite website traffic.

Off-site Optimisation

Technical and on-site SEO focus on your website itself but if you really want a strong ranking, you need to increase your authority. That means looking beyond your site to find opportunities for strong, relevant link building opportunities from elsewhere. With each link acting as an endorsement of your website, a strong off-site strategy is key to delivering results.

No.1 Ranking

Content Marketing (Onsite)

Onsite SEO includes the “standard” type of SEO tactics, such as keyword selection, site planning, and structured content development. This is achieved through the production of thorough, user-friendly, authoritative content, aligned with user search intent.

Outreach Marketing (Offsite)

Outreach is a vital element of an organic search as it has the biggest impact on performance. This is done by collaborating with bloggers, journalists and industry publications in your sector, offering them high quality content which will result in a backlink.

Keyword Mapping

Keyword research forms the basis of the campaign. Our team works with you to fully understand your business offering, target market and competitors, allowing us to research ideal target keywords that drive traffic and conversions.

Conversion Reporting

We ensure Google Analytics is configured correctly for accurate reporting. As campaigns progress, it allows us to invest more time in the activities that are seeing the best results.

Outrank & Outperform


Time spent on organic SEO is time well spent. A well optimised website can retain rankings for months, and with ongoing work, you can corner the market for years to come. SEO takes effort and know-how, but the combination of long-term results and sustainability makes it a cost-effective cornerstone of any marketing plan.


In our experience, SEO is one of the most cost-effective forms of digital marketing over a sustained length of time. Active SEO can attract thousands of qualified leads, and as long as you keep on top of the latest developments (as our Search Marketing experts do), your site will continue to deliver cost-effective conversions for years to come.


How do you know who to trust on the internet? A high ranking on search engines will show everyone that Google and Bing trust you, and that sense of credibility is worth every penny you spend – especially once the customer clicks onto your site and begins to engage with your brand.

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