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In The Loop – Innocent Smoothie - #BoltFromTheBlue 


It’s like the white and gold or blue and black dress all over again. If you don’t know what we mean you must have been living under a rock in 2015! Check out what we’re talking about here. Anyways, on to more important issues, Innocent Smoothie caused a social media disruption when they released their new smoothie drink ‘Bolt From The Blue’. 

Bolt From The Blue 

To explain, the reason we mentioned the dress is because drinks company Innocent faced a similar online debate as to whether their Bolt From The Blue smoothie was in fact green. Of course, Innocent smoothie had clearly anticipated this reaction from social media users across many platforms. 

Their first advert made such a statement by identifying the drink as blue, it made it obvious that their team was ready and raring to get involved in the online discussions. They used massive amounts of user-generated content to further promote their newest smoothie flavour. 

The Debate 

Innocent’s social media team definitely need a pat on the back after their Bolt From The Blue Campaign took off on Twitter. Their comedic and witty responses were genius. The original tweet itself received over 25 million impressions. Now that’s a good campaign. 

Innocent stands out from the crowd and they do this so well considering the saturated market. They make their social media profile extremely engaging, even those who don’t follow them see their witty replies from retweets and other user engagements. 

Not to mention the online debate caught the attention of other massive brands. For example, Dulux joined in the conversation and responded by saying ‘looks like Crushed Pine 3’, one of their green shades, to which Innocent responded ‘Don’t you start, Dulux. It’s Blue 1 and you know it.’ 

In addition, even Duncan James from pop band Blue joined in on the conversation. This interaction presented a huge opportunity to Innocent. Using Duncan’s organic involvement in the campaign was their chance to get him truly involved. 


All rise, it’s Duncan James 

After all, acquiring any celebrity for your social media campaign is a huge win. Duncan from Blue couldn’t have been a more perfect fit for this one. Duncan’s original involvement was completely organic which is what makes the role he plays in their campaign SO GOOD. 

Like the comedy geniuses they are, Innocent took to Twitter to share their new Bolt From The Blue promo with Duncan James. They jokingly stated ‘50 quid well spent’. Additionally, their excellent marketing strategy involved Duncan hitting back saying ‘They paid me to say it’s BLUE. It’s GREEN!!!!. Innocent cleverly used the controversy already in question by their consumers and included it in their campaign. 

We think this campaign was so well done and the results speak for themselves. It’s amazing how something so small can create a huge phenomenon online.

A comedic approach obviously won’t work for every campaign, however, if the opportunity is there to turn your campaign into something playful and funny, definitely take it. 

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