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How Great Design Can Help Your Business Stand Out


When it comes to making your business stand out in the crowd, eye-catching, innovative and quality design is probably the most effective tool you can use.

Whether it’s a striking logo, stunning brochure or professional looking business cards, great design can help your message go far.

If you’re using the New Year to have a bit of a refresh, read our top 3 ways print and design can help your business stand out… 

Make printed items extra special!

Any designer worth their salt knows that a print design project isn’t truly over until the final product is in your hands.

After hours of speaking to the client, researching and designing, a poor print job and finish can really let things down. Knowing your printer is key and cost shouldn’t be your decision maker.

Before you use a new one, ask around for an idea of their capabilities, go and visit the printer’s premises and wherever possible speak to them face to face. Take samples of the kind of paper, fold, stitch etc. you are looking for and have a clear idea of time scales.

Quality print jobs will truly set your business apart!

Think about your users

User experience conventions have developed over time, through exposure and due users finding them helpful. However, sticking with conventions and never trying something new can lead to designs that seem repetitive.

In order to challenge these conventions, and generate innovative designs ideas you have to walk a careful line: Use conventions to inform, direct and guide users within your design and only break a convention when you know you are replacing it with something that works even better than before.

Make your logo memorable

Having a good logo is essential to the success of your business. It’s the first thing potential clients see. It needs to be eye-catching, give people an insight in to what you do as a business and build trust.

A poor or dated logo could be putting people off working with you. A good overhaul or refresh can often create new interest!

We’re an imaginative bunch here at Platform81 and we love nothing more than injecting a little bit of visual magic into every project we take on.

We can help with anything from promotional items, to logo design and exhibition stands so get in touch with our design team to discuss your requirements.