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Instagram Update: Love or Hate?


Instagram lovers have been gifted with not just one, but two new updates this week; private group chat polls and name tag scanning!

With any social media platform update there is always the worry it will overcomplicate the ordinary functions everybody is used to or become a disliked feature by its users. These new updates may have only just launched this week, but we definitely have high hopes that they will become a double-tap worthy addition.

Private Group Chat Polls

With the poll feature already in place on stories, this update doesn’t appear to be too out of reach or challenging. However, now the possibility is there to send a story to your friends in a group chat and include a poll within it.  Following this, your friends can vote for their answer and the results will be shown in the chat. An enjoyable, interesting way of gathering opinions or just having a general laugh with your friends.

How Can Brands Use This Feature?

The polls provide discussion and opinions which is exactly what brands need when launching products. It will give them the ability to gather quick, easy, research from their target audience through social.

Name Tag Scanning

Despite only being added yesterday, this new feature is becoming a quick success. You can now follow people easier than ever with just one tap of a button. When activated, a nametag for your account is created which can then be scanned by whoever you share it with, allowing them to automatically follow and connect with you. No more awkward misspelling of names whilst searching, hoo -rah!

What does this mean for businesses?

Whilst the private polls are a more commercial way of communication amongst friends, name tag scanning will change the game of Instagram for businesses. As well as this being efficient, it now means businesses can use their name tag to visually promote their account through social media or print outs, increasing brand awareness.

What do we think?

Any social media feature that increases visibility of a brand or business and drives traffic too is a thumbs up from us! Sometimes people can get too caught up focusing on filters and the perfect selfie in golden hour but now, Instagram is showing that it can be just as interactive amongst its users as other leading social media sites, with great power behind it to make a success of people and businesses.

If these new updates have intrigued you as much as us, but you still aren’t sure how to effectively use Instagram to the best of its ability for your business, contact us at Platform81 where our Social Media team are happy to help.