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Internal News

10 Years - That Means Prezzies!!!! OMG


2018 marks Platform81’s 10th year in business and we want it to be our best year yet! With this in mind we’re launching our #10for10 campaign; 10 great events to mark our last 10 years in business – and the whole team are getting involved.

Rather than shouting about one big event, we want to create a mix of fun events, community projects and business led activities that will celebrate our business, our team and our Stockport roots and we want you to join us along the way!

I’m really proud of the team that we’ve put together, and the energy and passion that they put into each and every client project. It’s the people that make our agency and therefore, it naturally made sense that the ideas for our tenth year should come from within. Each and every idea has come from a different team member and we’re really excited about bringing them to life.

With this in mind what better way to celebrate the launch of our campaign, than to launch our brand-new website! Showcasing our skills and our team, we can’t wait for you to see it.

Watch this space for more #10for10 announcements!