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The field of video-based social media platforms can be a volatile place. The once-beloved 6-second video platform called Vine dominated the discourse amongst younger audiences before quickly dwindling and eventually shutting down. Vimeo emerged as a strong contender against YouTube but was quickly side-lined and is now used by an increasingly niche group of people prioritising video quality.

TikTok Marketing
TikTok Marketing
TikTok Marketing

However, Tik Tok appears to be here to stay. The app has amassed 1 billion users quicker than any of its predecessors [The Economist], with particular popularity among younger audiences.

Brands are already developing their Tik Tok presence and diversifying their messaging to tap into the massive audience on the platform which is becoming increasingly hard to ignore. Here we’ve outlined what Tik Tok is, why you should use it, and how Platform81 can help.

What is Tik Tok?

Tik Tok started its life as Musical.ly, a service where users shared videos of themselves lip syncing to songs and movie clips. It was then acquired by a company that had their own video sharing app, and they merged to create what we now know as Tik Tok. The app now hosts portrait videos [Tik Toks] up to 10 minutes long in an infinite-scroll format.

The app has retained some of its Musical.ly roots, as content creators can reuse previous audio clips from other Tik Toks, movies, TV shows or songs.

Whilst Tik Tok does offer 10-minute content, the app excels in its short videos that waste no time in engaging users. Due to the nature of the infinite scroll format, content creators are competing against an unlimited number of videos available just after theirs. This means much of the content on Tik Tok doesn’t last more than a minute with quick audio and visual cues to get people to stay and watch.

Tik Toks cover anything from finance tips to reading recommendations and comedic clips to food critics. The scale of the audience allows for all niches to be covered by content creators on the app.

Why should your business use it?

Tik Tok has cultivated a huge database of 1 billion users with a majority of it being made up of people aged 18-14 years old [Omnicore Agency], making it a potentially powerful tool for businesses. However, the efficiency of the platform appears to show very few demographic barriers as Tik Tok ads reach a whopping 17.9% of all internet users aged 18+. Not only this, but people on the app are also incredibly active with an average of 10.85 minutes per session on Tik Tok compared to an average of 2.95 minutes per session on Instagram [Hootsuite].

The nature of the platform also means that brands can get very creative with the way that they market themselves and their business. Company profiles such as Duolingo, Ryanair and Chipotle all benefit from a regularly engaged following and frequently clock up millions of views per video. This has led to them becoming some of the most recognisable names on the app with an unmistakable voice and hugely popular content that regularly increases their brand awareness.

Tik Tok has been used by businesses to network, drive sales and increase brand awareness with millions of sounds available and almost unlimited creative options to share your business message and develop a unique voice.

How can Platform81 help?

As a new player to the game with unprecedented growth since the merger in 2018, Tik Tok is still a fledgling tool for businesses.
Our experienced and knowledgeable social media team work hard to understand everything Tik Tok has to offer and excel in creating video content that appeals to the Tik Tok demographic and puts your business on the map.

Tik Tok has quickly become a behemoth in the social media landscape that provides businesses with direct access to millions of people across the globe. Utilising it is essential to nurturing brand awareness and for growing your online presence in the younger community and beyond.

With dynamic and creative content, there are countless opportunities to grow your brand on Tik Tok and with the expertise of Platform81, it’s easier than ever to do so.

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