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Every day we are surrounded by multiple “user experiences” – both in the analogue and digital world. While user experience (UX) is a conglomeration of tasks focused on the optimisation of a product for effective and enjoyable use, user interface (UI) design is its complement – the look, feel, overall presentation and interactivity of a product or service.

UX/UI Design
UX/UI Design
UX/UI Design

More and more companies are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of designing the best digital experiences – which is where we come in. At Platform81, our award-winning team of web developers and designers deliver technical expertise and design flair to every single project, guaranteeing a stand-out website that features an engaging layout, simple UX and content that has real impact.

User Experience (UX)

UX focuses on levels of usability, analysis and social relationships and applies to anything that can be experienced, whether it’s a website, a coffee machine, or even a visit to the supermarket. The “user experience” part refers to the interaction between the user and the product or service. The “design” aspect then considers all the different elements that help shape this experience.

At Platform81, we not only focus on identifying the problems and pain-points users come up against, but also how to solve them. We conduct extensive user research in order to distinguish your target market and what their needs are in relation to your product or service. We then map out the user’s journey, considering things like information architecture i.e. how the content is organised and labelled, and what kinds of features the user might need, eventually creating wireframes and high-fidelity website mock-ups for both desktop and mobile – ready for our UI designers to bring it to life.

User Interface (UI)

A user interface is the point of interaction between the user and a digital device or product, like the touch screen on your smartphone, or the touch pad you use to select a coffee from the coffee machine.

Usually developed using HTML, CSS or JavaScript, UI design takes into consideration all the visual, interactive elements of a product interface that impact the first impression of the user, including buttons, icons, spacing, typography, imagery, colour schemes and more.

Our team of experienced designers will consider each and every visual aspect of the user’s journey, including all the individual screens and touch points that the user might encounter – think tapping a button, scrolling down a page or swiping through an image gallery. Our goal is to visually guide the user through an accessible, inclusive and intuitive experience that is both consistent, coherent and aesthetically pleasing.

Why is web design so important?

When it comes to website design, UX and UI complement each other – you can’t have one without the other. In today’s competitive market, getting both aspects right is an absolute must.

While UX design essentially maps out the user journey through identifying and solving user problems, UI design focuses on all the details that make this journey possible. Both elements work hand-in-hand and are crucial in creating an easy, insightful and efficient application.

By taking advantage of every user experience tool and technique at our disposal, we guarantee your website will be as functional as it is beautiful, whilst also ensuring users can easily and intuitively find what they need.

How can Platform81 help?

At Platform81, our expert designers think about how the experience makes the user feel, and how easy it is for the user to accomplish their desired tasks. We take the time to understand the user, as well as your brand, then observe and conduct task analysis to see how users complete tasks by creating a user flow.

We don’t believe in the “one size fits all” approach. Your website will be designed from scratch to meet your exact specifications and objectives. Whether your customer uses a desktop, mobile or tablet, they’ll reap the rewards of our accessible, user-focused designs.

Platform 81 provided us with an excellent service. From the start the communication was good, the team were knowledgeable, helpful and friendly and clearly keen to provide a solution that worked for us.

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