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Remarketing, also known as retargeting, is a digital advertising method of re-engaging with users who have already visited your website or app, primarily driven by display ads.


Remarketing provides an opportunity to recapture customers or potential leads that clicked away from your site without meeting your desired marketing goal. For example, you can re-target prospective customers with product related ads if they abandoned their cart without completing a sale.

How remarketing works

There are two options for remarketing: pixel-based and list-based.

Pixel-based remarketing places an unobtrusive piece of JavaScript, or cookie, into users’ web browsers in order to track the pages and products that they view.

Upon visiting other sites, the cookie notifies ad networks chosen by the advertiser to serve specific ads to the user based on what they’ve previously viewed. Relevant ads will then run for up to 30 days from the last time a user visited a website.

Pixel vs. List

In comparison to pixel-based remarketing, a list-based remarketing strategy leverages a list of emails from potential or past customers. Once uploaded, the chosen platform identifies people using the same email address on their network and shows ads specifically to them.

The possibility of users having different email addresses across platforms is a major downfall with list-based remarketing and reduces the chances of users being shown relevant ads if their email addresses vary.

In addition, pixel-based remarketing allows businesses to re-display their material to any anonymous user and in being behaviour-based and timely, users can be retargeted almost immediately after leaving a site.

This method of remarketing can also integrate with certain pages of your site, meaning the materials used to remarket are specific and more likely to lead to a conversion.

The benefits of remarketing

Remarketing campaigns have several benefits: from enabling businesses to remind target users of products or pages that they have viewed to re-engaging a lost or inactive customer into their sales funnel.

The act itself lets you maintain a deeper connection with your audience and can give you a higher conversion rate by displaying ad banners to users, even if they are not on your site or actively searching for your brand. This helps you build consumer trust and boost sales.

Another benefit to remarketing is the lower cost per conversion, leading to a higher ROI. This is because remarketing ads have a lower cost per click and cost per conversion than traditional SEO campaigns.

One of the biggest benefits of remarketing is the capacity for variety, allowing you to create highly targeted ad text or images to drive previous users back to your site. The digital advertising strategy provides an excellent way to promote offers, products, or services to your audience while creating a more profound and long-lasting connection between your brand and customers.

How can Platform81 help?

Platform81 comprises of an experienced team of digital advertising experts, who know how to make remarketing work for you and your brand.

Strategically developed to help achieve your marketing goals and objectives, we pride ourselves on delivering impactful remarketing campaigns that re-engage web visitors and drive online conversions, while increasing customer lifetime value.

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