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Web Design

Web Design remains the most natural element at Platform81. As the industry evolves we are constantly testing out fresh new ideas and solutions…

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Content Management Systems (CMS)

Taking control of content and ensuring it remains up to date is essential for some clients. For this reason, many clients choose to use a Content Management System (CMS), which can be great for SEO, and the evolution of your online brand.

Whether it's Wordpress, Joomla or the Platform81 CMS, you can seamlessly amend or add fresh content in minutes. We make sure you are fully trained to do this yourself from the day your website goes live.

Don't let your message fade into the background. Leave the complicated stuff to us, and focus on showcasing the most important thing - your business.


More and more businesses are moving their sales online and ecommerce websites are now the only way ahead for forward thinking businesses.

A great online shop will be easy to find, simple to navigate and attractive to the eye... but most importantly it will encourage visitors to buy what they came for and much more!

Online competition is tough and nowadays online shopping doesn't begin and end with your website. We will equip you with an efficient, engaging site that develops your online strategy, attracts new customers and ensures current customers keep coming back.


Web design is at the heart of what we do, but our clients need sites that function on any device or screen size.

Responsive websites are the newer, cooler kids on the block. A responsive site is not just optimised for a computer screen, but it is designed to adapt to tablets, smartphones and everything in-between.

The latest mobile devices are hot commodities so naturally we think the need to optimise content across different platforms is pretty important. As technologies progress, we are the responsive agency to keep your site on top of the current trends.

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Web Design

Your website is the first place your customers drop by to see what you're all about.

We don't overcomplicate things; we make sure you grab their imagination with stylish, memorable, cutting edge, functional websites that ensure they keep coming back.

Our experienced team bring the marketing knowledge and design flair needed to make your website great, as well as the technical expertise to build and host the website on a robust platform.

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Mobile Websites

Gone are the days when mobile phones were built for making phone calls and playing snake.

Mobile use represents one of the most significant changes in consumer behaviour since the rise of the Internet.

The number of smartphone users continues to grow every year, and users demand mobile-friendly websites that are easy to navigate on the go, with faster, adaptable sites making for a better user experience.

We will work with you to take your business into the digital arena, giving you that all-important edge over your competitors.


Your website is only as good as the web-hosting platform that supports it. At Platform81 we invest heavily in the latest server technology and hosting infrastructure to make sure your website is accessible 24-7. Our hosting infrastructure is further supported by one of the best technical teams in the UK.

In-house we can support your website and emails and tailor a hosting solution to suit your business. We also have a 24-7 support desk to deal with any queries, giving you peace of mind.

Speed, security and reliability guaranteed.

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