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According to Google, a huge 51% of shoppers use the search engine to research their online purchases.

SEO for Ecommerce has a unique appeal because, while all search optimisations will use overlapping tricks and techniques, the leads generated for Ecommerce sites will already be primed and qualified.

E-Commerce SEO
E-Commerce SEO
E-Commerce SEO

Of course, one of the key differences between SEO for Ecommerce versus SEO for other sites is simply the sheer breadth and variety of the products available. It might feel a little bit daunting to face an endless list of products with a view to keeping all your meta data in line.

Luckily, at Platform81, our expert SEO team is experienced in helping Ecommerce businesses with our E-commerce SEO services.

SEO: A refresher

In a nutshell, SEO allows websites to appear higher on search rankings, meaning greater visibility, a stronger likelihood of increased organic site visits, and – as a result – more customers.

Appearing high in the search engine results pages (SERPs) of the likes of Google is obviously vital for any site – after all, when was the last time you visited the second page of your search results?

However, the way we go about optimising Ecommerce sites for search isn’t necessarily identical to other kinds of websites.

Different kinds of keywords

Consider, for example, keyword research. This is a well-known facet of SEO, but keyword strategies in an Ecommerce context need to consider a range of factors that aren’t always applicable to other sites, including specific kinds of user intent and page category.

Ecommerce sites don’t want to attract people who are merely hunting for information, after all – they want to rank highly for people who are proactively looking to buy.

These different goals involve different kinds of search terms. For Ecommerce sites, our SEO specialists place a heavy emphasis on leveraging commercial keywords that show clear purchasing intent.

Optimising for product and category pages

Having established your target keywords, our expert team at Platform81 then work closely with you to map pertinent keywords to each page. This can be a long process in the world of Ecommerce, given that the best practice is to repeat this process for every product page, but the visibility rewards speak for themselves.

Of course, product pages aren’t the only kind of page to bear in mind for Ecommerce platforms – they’re introduced and accompanied by category pages, and each can involve different optimisation strategies.

Unlike product pages (which might contain, for example, a single product like “penguin-shaped slippers”), category pages (such as, for the sake of argument, “slippers”) can be understood as landing pages – which are considered more likely to turn organic traffic into out-and-out sales.

It’s certainly not difficult to imagine that [using the above example] more people are going to search for “slippers” than any penguin-based variations, so your category page needs to be optimised to reflect the broader search terms that will lead people to it – and, by extension, to your excellent product range.

Avoiding the trap of thin content

Our SEO experts will affirm that search terms are only part of the battle for Ecommerce SEO, which needs to pay close attention to how those terms are situated within your content.

Google’s current guidelines warn against “thin” content – that is, content with no real meaning, value, or originality. This is a common trap to fall into for product pages, in which it’s all too easy to start cutting, pasting, and duplicating product descriptions loaded with keywords but lacking in passion.

How can Platform81 help?

There’s an easy way to sidestep some of the common mistakes described above while taking full advantage of Ecommerce SEO optimisation: let Platform81 take the wheel.

Our experts understand that SEO isn’t a one-size-fits-all operation: Ecommerce is a unique discipline that requires the seasoned hand of experts like our SEO team here at Platform81.

It’s no wonder so many companies struggle with “thin” content: they lack the time, capacity, and expertise to produce meaningful, SEO-friendly forms of content that can turn any Ecommerce platform into a site brimming with new users and resulting sales.

By putting care and attention into factors like product and category page optimisation, our specialists can ensure that your site will be seen by more prospective shoppers primed and ready to purchase from your digital shelves.

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