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Businesses have a range of social media platforms at their disposal to help grow their online presence, create sales leads, and share corporate news. However, LinkedIn is a unique proposition in the social media landscape as you can source and directly engage with key decisions makers within your target audience.

LinkedIn Marketing
LinkedIn Marketing
LinkedIn Marketing

According to the latest stats, LinkedIn currently has 310 million monthly  , which makes for plenty of content, networking and growth opportunities for individuals and businesses alike.

Here we’ve outlined what LinkedIn is, why your business should use it, and how Platform81 can help.

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What is LinkedIn?

Standing as one of the largest social media platforms, LinkedIn has become a leading tool to help people nurture their professional online presence for individual growth or business development.

Operating much like other social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, users can host their own page to share news, updates and encourage conversation with multi-media-based content covering hundreds of industries. It also provides an opportunity for individuals or businesses to comment on current industry affairs or trends to further share their messaging and build their presence online.

Whether it’s networking, business growth or professional conversations, LinkedIn has forged a place in the social media landscape to stand apart from the more generalised platforms surrounding it.

Why should your business use LinkedIn?

Because of its huge userbase and increasing popularity for businesses, LinkedIn has become a hive of engaged users, and marketing to these in the right way can yield fantastic results.

With 58 million companies on the site, LinkedIn is a valuable tool for developing your professional or business portfolio and engaging in conversation on recent news, relevant topics and current industry affairs.

As it’s a work-focused platform, a strong profile can lead to more peripheral successes in things such as employment and business partnerships digitally developed via LinkedIn.

How can Platform81 help?

Our extensive knowledge of LinkedIn and experience in developing company pages means we’re well equipped to help your LinkedIn page organically grow and generate new connections in relevant fields. From content to networking, we’ve developed strategies designed to deliver tangible results that drives not only growth, but engagement and results.

Mastering LinkedIn doesn’t stop at building a professional looking profile. Our experts will also develop an engaged network, share high-value content, and position your business as an industry leader on the platform. These all lead to your LinkedIn profile generating true value for your business through either sales leads, networking opportunities or heightened brand awareness.

Our experience with the LinkedIn business tools also allows us to analyse all aspects of the account. Insights, InMail and sponsored posts are all designed to help boost your LinkedIn presence, and we’ve got the expertise to put them to use.

For both personal and business matters, marketing via LinkedIn has become hugely valuable. Whether it’s growing your personal network, developing leads, or generally improving your online presence, LinkedIn marketing should not be overlooked. With the ability to specify industry, job role and location, targeted

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