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If you drive a car, you’ll know that this large, expensive part of your life needs regular checks and maintenance to make sure it’s functioning properly – and the same is true of your site’s web presence and ranking.

SEO Audit
SEO Audit
SEO Audit

Of course, as a rule, cars only need to meet their original standards to get the MOT seal of approval – whereas SEO best practices are constantly changing, updating, and evolving.

Against this backdrop of change and complexity, SEO audits performed by seasoned SEO professionals are an important cog in the ever-spinning wheels of search visibility, and they happen to be one of our specialities.

So, what does an SEO audit entail?

SEO Audits Explained

The goal of any SEO audit is, at heart, quite simple: it’s all about making sure every aspect of your website is optimised for search. That can mean finding new opportunities for optimisation or, just as importantly, correcting any problems that might be limiting or hindering your ability to rank highly on search engines like Google.

Without a regular and detailed SEO audit, your site (and, by extension, your company) runs the risk of missing out on the all-important traffic that forms the basis of new customers, sales, and repeat business.

Though various tools are available to facilitate the process, our expert team will undertake an extensive, holistic analysis of every aspect of your SEO – from the highly technical foundations seen only by search engine robots to the content that’s read and enjoyed by your site visitors.

Of course, given the time and breadth that a thorough SEO audit demands, it’s impossible to outline every possible aspect of the process.

In fact, one of the hallmarks of a good SEO audit is the recognition that every site and every business is going to be different. That doesn’t mean there aren’t standardised aspects of SEO auditing – many technical SEO requirements will be consistent across any website – but we take pride in thinking about contexts and priorities as we examine your SEO problems.

All the same, there are some checks and analyses that any effective SEO audit will include – starting with a technical analysis.

Crawling towards better visibility

Our team will begin with technical analysis, providing a thorough examination of factors like crawlability (how easy it is for Google’s robots to find and “read” your site); duplication (checking that your content hasn’t been accidentally repeated); and loading speeds (because Google, much like anybody else, doesn’t like slow sites).

SEO audits aren’t limited to the more technical side, however – our team are well versed in considering a huge range of additional factors, from the more obvious world of optimal keyword use to subtler considerations of user experience (UX) and your site’s use of meta data.

Given that SEO audits can be the difference between high and low traffic, it’s important that they’re not only thorough and accurate, but that they contain information that can be meaningfully acted on.

How can Platform81 help?

After all, an SEO audit isn’t just an academic exercise or a theoretical chat about your site’s performance – it’s a way for SEO specialists like Platform81 to point you on the path towards higher levels of visibility.

We believe that quality SEO requires an enthusiastic team of experts, and SEO audits are an excellent way to hammer home the simple fact that your search visibility needs more than a couple of DIY fixes: it needs the dedicated expertise of proven professionals, like the SEO team at Platform81.

With our help, you’ll soon be following best practices, improving your Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking, and patching up a variety of problems that you might not even know you had.

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