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A strong social media presence is now essential for modern-day businesses, where effectively utilising the most popular platforms enables you to increase brand awareness and drive new sales leads.

Twitter is one of the largest social media platforms, and many businesses have embraced it as a key tool in their marketing and growth strategy. So, what is Twitter? Why should your business use it? And how can Platform81 help?

What is Twitter?

Launched in 2006 as a way of sharing thoughts, ideas and messages, Twitter is a social media platform originally centred around short, character-limited text. The website has gone on to become the mouthpiece for millions of people, businesses, and even political figureheads in recent years. Through its short-form content limited to 280 characters and ability to tap into specific hashtags, Twitter is an essential for anyone looking to market themselves, a product, or a business.

According to Start-up Bonsai approximately half a billion tweets are sent per day, each with their own messaging, goals, and audience engagement. Tweets that cleverly utilise hashtags or trending topics allow businesses to reach both broad and niche audiences within specific industries, demographics or locations, making it a powerful and nearly essential business communications tool.

Why should your business use it?

People can choose to follow your Twitter profile, and this gives them direct access to whatever you publish. This allows you to directly market to anyone who would like to stay up to date with company news, product launches or behind the scenes content, helping to create a relationship between yourself and potential customers or clients.

Outside of your followers, you can also tag your tweets with a hashtag. Using a hashtag highlights key words and filters them into a stream of similar content. For example, using the #SustainableBusiness in a tweet would put it alongside anyone else who has used that hashtag and makes it easier for potential followers or likeminded businesses to track down your content! When used correctly, hashtags can place your content in front of a huge and engaged audience, making your communications more targeted and effective.

Having access to 330 million monthly active users with clear and direct messaging makes Twitter a fantastic tool to discover new business opportunities, find potential clients and network with likeminded people in your industry.

How can Platform81 help?

Being such a vast and powerful tool, Twitter can be daunting for businesses who haven’t yet embraced it. At Platform81, we specialise in creating a social media profile that reflects your values and messaging, reaches the right audience and increases your brand awareness.

With our understanding of the website’s technicalities such as successful profile verification, how to take advantage of Twitters algorithm, the trending feed and its advertising platform, we can help businesses to reach their full potential on Twitter and get value out of every tweet they send.

Due to the scale of the website and the number of active users, having an impactful Twitter strategy is key to success. For those already on Twitter and want to increase their presence and effectiveness on the platform or for businesses who are yet to make use of it, Platform81 has the experience and knowledge to help, whether your goal is to generate leads, increase web traffic or improve your brand awareness.

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