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Effective marketing requires being where your customers are, and with over 2 billion users worldwide, there’s a good chance your audience are on Facebook.

Facebook’s user-base is not only the largest of all the social media channels, but it also offers a wide scope of different demographics and audience segments, and if done right, can provide an excellent return on investment.

Paid Facebook Marketing
Paid Facebook Marketing
Paid Facebook Marketing

With our team of social media experts boasting several years of experience in Facebook ads, we can create and refine campaigns that not only align with your overall business objectives and marketing budget, but also reliably generate higher click-through rates, better conversions and more meaningful engagements.

Precision targeting

With a platform as large as Facebook, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to advertising – which is why before we create a bespoke campaign for your business, we will take the time to really get to grips with your customer’s journey and typical buyer personas, and build target audiences based on self-identified interests, behaviours, locations and demographics, ensuring each of your ads reaches the right person at the right time.

There are three types of advertising audiences on Facebook: saved audiences, custom audiences and lookalike audiences. We create in-depth campaigns that incorporate the right audience, using Insights and the Facebook Pixel to ensure your collected data is being used to your advantage.

Creating the right ads

Facebook offers multiple different ad formats including image ads, video ads and carousel ads. By getting under the skin of your business and understanding your unique marketing objectives, we are able optimise your ad spend across the most appropriate formats based on what you want to accomplish, whether this is brand awareness, increased web traffic or overall conversion rate.

Once we’ve identified how these different formats best fit into your overall campaign, we will create effective ads utilising killer copy, visuals and video that lead with value and have a clear call-to-action.

Keeping your audience engaged

While Facebook is an excellent choice for discovering new audiences and driving site traffic and conversions, it also has the added benefit of helping you nurture your existing audience and drive additional engagement, increasing your social signals and bolstering your search presence.

Our tailored Facebook ad campaigns not only help you to reach your primary marketing goals, but work to keep your existing follower base engaged and your brand firmly in their consideration.

How can Platform81 help?

At Platform81, we run constant tests to experiment and find the most effective ads for each of your campaigns to ensure they resonate with your target audience segments.

We use the performance data from your Facebook ads to generate actionable insights, ensuring we are always refining and optimising each of your campaigns to reach your marketing goals and help achieve your overarching business objectives.

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