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4 Joe Goldberg Inspired Tips to Get to Know Your Customers


If Netflix’s hit psychological thriller, YOU, has taught us anything it’s never to be too trusting of seemingly harmless bookstore clerks and always invest in a good pair of curtains!

There’s plenty we can learn from YOU protagonist Joe Goldberg when it comes to marketing, too. In honour of National Get to Know Your Customers Day, we’re answering the question “how do I get to know my customers?” with 4 Joe Goldberg inspired customer tracking tips. All of which are completely legal, by the way, so feel free to get your stalk on.

Stalk them on Social Media

Joe routinely social media stalks his current obsession, Guinevere Beck. Here he learns everything he needs to know about her. Social media metrics provide detailed insights into your customers, helping you tailor your marketing strategy to their browsing/spending habits.

By looking at data on things like reach, impressions, engagement, and page views you can begin to paint a picture of what your customers are responding well to. It’s also valuable to look at audience insights to get an idea of who is interacting with your content. By researching your current demographic, you can make more educated content choices. From here we recommend a/b testing different types of content to see what works best.

Track Them on Mobile

We’re not suggesting you (SPOILER ALERT) steal anybody’s phone but it’s worth keeping an eye on your customers’ mobile habits. Tools like Google Analytics have dedicated mobile tracking features allowing you to see when your customers are most active on your site on mobile. Tracking where your mobile traffic is coming from is a sure-fire way to get to know your customers.

Click-throughs from Facebook could mean something completely different about your audience than click-throughs from Instagram. If it’s from organic search, metrics like time of day and location can provide insights into when and where customers hearing about your product. This will help you generate more targeted marketing campaigns in the future.

Keep Their Friends Close

Joe might not have any actual interest in Beck’s friends but he’s smart enough to know that they can tell him plenty about her. It’s worth researching what groups your customers belong to on Facebook or any pages they seem to all be following on Instagram and Twitter. Keep an eye on the conversations going on within these groups/pages and use these to inspire content and campaigns that will appeal to your customers create the perception that your brand is “in-touch”.

Ask Them on a Date

Yes, he’s a stalker but Joe is also actively interested in dating Beck. By the same token, you should take an active interest in getting to know your customers offline. You can do this by hosting or attending different events, depending on the nature of your brand. Retail businesses can take advantage of the spaces at their disposal by hosting in-store events. If your brand is more business to business, try attending networking events to observe how attendees interact.

No matter what industry you’re in, it pays to get to know your customers. Not only is our Digital Team fully equipped with all the tools and resources for collating data on your customers, they are also armed with the knowledge of what this data means and how to use it! Need a hand getting to know your customers? Contact us today!