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Check out Charlotte's blog!


Saturday 21st April marked Charlotte Jennings Sweet 16th Birthday Party and we were delighted to be able to present her with a very special birthday present, her very own personalised blog site!

As part of our #10for10 campaign and ongoing support for our charity of choice Kidscan, in March we set out to help support patient ambassador Charlotte Jennings in her fundraising challenge by creating her a personalised blog platform.

Following meeting Charlotte and with only three weeks until her ‘Sweet 16th Charity Night’ we set out on designing Charlotte a blog that she could use to document her ongoing challenge and fundraising activities.

Our lead designer James said, “Charlotte needed a website that reflected her. She loves life and is a great illustrator, so a big part of the design was intended to showcase this. We did this with the use of bright contrasting colours and the use of doodles and illustrations. From a technical perspective, Charlotte is prolific when it comes to creating content, so the website needed to be easy to use, update and edit.”

Along with designing and building the blog we also created Charlotte her very own branding that she could use across her social media channels and provided her with some social media training so that she can really extend the reach and awareness of her fundraising efforts.

“Facebook had been the one thing that kept Charlotte going throughout her experience; From her time in isolation when it was the only way she could keep in contact with friends to using it to document how it truly feels for a child to deal with cancer on a day-to day basis, it was the one tool that helped represent her feelings, thoughts and journey. Charlotte already has a strong online presence with over 1,000 followers on Facebook, so I just wanted to be able to share some helpful tips and tricks to make her posts and content reach as many people as possible in the most engaging way.” Amanda, Head of Social Media.

Check out Charlotte’s blog and follow her journey here.

Kidscan is a Salford- based charity, funding pioneering research into new and improved treatments for children with cancer. We had the pleasure of working with the team last year whilst building their website and were blown away with the work that they do, finding the case studies and ambassadors truly humbling, so couldn’t wait to get involved. Check out the work we did here