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Content Marketing Unlocked


After recently finishing Hubspot’s Content Marketing course, I found myself revisiting the basics of how to create, curate and effectively repurpose content for different types of audiences and key messages. Take a look below at some of the most vital tips for unlocking your full marketing potential.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Ensure that the messages you are putting out are memorable and serve a purpose for your intended audience. The aim of an effective campaign is to showcase your product or services in a way that’s never been seen before – making sure your content is original will ensure you stand out on very busy social media platforms.

Know Your Audience

Always play to your audience. Setting goals of who you want to reach will allow you to have a clear evaluation of your content strategy. For example, if you’re a business owner of a mens swimwear line, your consumers will be on Facebook, which is predominately B2C. On the other hand, if your company was B2B, then your marketing efforts should be focused on LinkedIn. Avoid promoting your brand to the wrong audience as it will waste your time and your content’s value.

Effectively Promoting Your Content

Most marketers spend too much energy on creating content rather than actually getting the brand’s message heard. As a rule of thumb, try to spend about 40 percent of your time creating it and 60 percent promoting it. Separating your content into engaging, educational and promotional categories will allow you to distribute your brand communication equally.

Repurposing For A Purpose

Just because you’ve used a blog post once doesn’t mean you can’t post it again! Stretching out your content is a strong method of recycling information into different formats, giving yourself the ability to produce more content at a quicker pace. If your content is successful and your audience is engaging with it, repurpose it! Keeping the same messages relevant for any occasion is called Evergreen content, due to the tree which retain their leaves all year round.

Is It Working?

In order to ensure a piece of content is working, and whether it can be repurposed in the future, you need to whether it’s gaining traction on tools like Google Analytics and FB Insights. Test how successful your content is by how your audience interacts with it – you can do this by exploring new mediums, topics and generally working to improve by finding better ways to communicate. This will help your brand learn and grow as opposed to putting out content randomly with no direction.

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