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Cutting through the noise using social media


Over the years, social media has moved away from simply being leveraged as a networking platform and has taken on a multifaceted presence in people’s daily lives, becoming the go-to for news, gossip, shopping and customer service.

Now more than ever during current circumstances, we wanted to share with you why Social Media could be the answer to all your business’s prayers.

Reactive announcements

Over the past couple of weeks, there’s been an increased need to make more regular updates about your businesses plans, strategies and ways of working. With social media being the digital medium that the majority of people are tapping into on an hourly basis, where better to be able to share relevant and timely announcements about how you plan to proceed doing business?

Not only is it the simplest way to reach your customers en masse, but it also provides the ability for your audience to share on the message with others and engage with what you’ve got to say. Think of your post as being a live FAQ where you’ll be able to answer as many questions as your customers have, all in one place.

Customer Service

Naturally Social Media has taken on an element of customer service over the years, and with telephone lines currently being busier than ever, Social Media has stepped up as the next go-to place for enquiries to be answered.

If like above you can answer general questions simply through a post, this will help minimise the number of duplicate enquiries that come through. If you start to experience a lot of questions of a similar nature, we would recommend creating unique posts to share information on relevant topics such as delivery times, business hours and product information etc.

As and where you, can we would recommend replying to as many queries and comments as possible, as these are the loyal customers you’ll want to keep during uncertain times – and making sure they’re kept happy will mean a returning customer in the long run. Applying an auto response to your inbox on Facebook is highly recommended to let customers know you’re looking into things but also quick replies on Instagram can help you keep on top of mass responses in a more timely manner.

Crisis Management

If people want answers and want them quickly, your social media channels are going to be the best way to manage the situation. During these unique times we would advise that honesty is the best policy. Being open and honest with your customers, that you’re struggling to keep up with demand or that orders are expected to be delayed is the best approach. You’ll find that you’ll get a much better response to being transparent about things than trying to avoid the situation or pretending that it’s not happening.

Yes, you will get people that still aren’t happy. BUT you will get a lot of people that understand, and these will be your biggest advocates that continue to support you and will keep morale high.

Targeted advertising

There’s going to be a lot more competition than usual to get your activity seen in amongst a busy social media feed, so paid targeted ads are the ideal way to break through the noise and get in front of the people you want to.Paid social advertising will allow you to refine your campaigns, generating higher click through rates, better conversions and more meaningful engagements. Whether you’re looking to drive sales or website traffic with targeted social posts, you’ll be able to hit the people who you want to take notice.

In times like these we’d suggest a re-marketing approach, targeting previous customers or website visitors from data you have available. These people have already expressed an interest or engaged with your brand so are more likely to convert as opposed to hitting a new audience.

If you’re looking for any advice on how you can be managing your social media channels, our specialist team are still working as normal from home and would be more than happy to assist, so get in touch here.