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Digital Marketing Takes Super Powers


Since the release of Disney Pixar’s The Incredibles 2, there’s been a lot of super hero talk here in the Platform 81 offices.

Our digital marketing team have been discussing which of the Parr family’s super powers they’d like to have, and – in true agency team nature – that quickly evolved into wondering which power was most important for the role. We looked at each of The Incredibles’ individual super powers and explored which super-human skills you can expect to take advantage of when working with our digital marketing team. Would one skill stand out above the rest as the ultimate digital marketing super power?


Our Mr Incredibles: Amanda (Head of Social Media) & Fiona (Digital Account Manager)

Our digital marketing team is involved in every stage of a project, from the early stages of meeting with a client and discussing their needs, along to idea generation, all the way to implementation, monitoring, and reports. It takes a lot of strength and fortitude to deliver the best of the best for every client but 10+ years of working with Platform 81 has given them the chance to really flex those digital marketing muscles.


Our Elastiboy: Luke (Social Media Coordinator) 

Unexpected surprises and last-minute changes come with the job title. Working in an ever-developing industry can certainly stretch a digital marketing team but we understand the importance of adapting and can use these industry developments to the client’s advantage.


Our Violet: Mit (Head of SEO)

Showcasing your brand in the best possible light is one of our team’s number one priorities. This involves a careful combination of public relations and content marketing. We focus in on what makes your brand amazing and ensure you’re interacting and engaging with the right audiences. With 83% of consumers considering a brand’s values when making a purchase, we make sure to communicate your core values with your audience and shield you from less desirable attention and/or press.


Our Dash: Bridie (Digital Marketing Coordinator)

Lightning quick reactions are a must have for any digital marketing team. Being able to respond to and involve your brand in current events are what keeps you relevant in a fast-paced market. Whether it’s working with new technologies, across multiple platforms, or with an ever-changing product or service, our digital marketing team never struggles to keep up.

Jack of all Trades

Our Jack Jacks: The whole digital marketing team!

Search engine optimisation, pay per click, social media management, content marketing, digital strategy, analysis, reports, recommendations…the list goes on! Digital marketing encompasses a wide variety of skills and disciplines and we draw from each and every one to ensure we’re providing a well-rounded service for our clients.

After lengthy debate we realised that, like the perfect super hero family, the perfect digital marketing family needs a combination of all five powers in order to be super for its clients. We’re proud to offer a variation of digital marketing services and a team of super-human industry experts to deliver them. Have an exciting project you’d like to discuss with our digital marketing team? Shine the Plat-Signal (get it?) and get in touch here.

Finally, if you could have just one of The Incredibles’ super powers which would you choose?