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Does Social Media affect SEO?


Believe it or not, there’s more to social media than posting funny videos of dogs and cats. Your approach to content marketing is not only pivotal when it comes to the success of advertising your business, it’s also essential to your SEO strategy. Check out our top tips on how to improve your Google rankings via social.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and, if done correctly, is important to ensuring your website is recognisable on Google. The aim of the game is to ensure your website can be found easily through organic search.

Where does SEO come in to social media? 

Social media should be considered with SEO in mind when formulating your content. If you are producing quality content, you will inevitably strengthen the power of your community. Search engines do factor the size of your following as a measurement of authority and authenticity. 

How do I raise my social media game?

In order to make your social media strategy SEO friendly, follow these simple tips.

Engage your audience

the type of content you’re distributing is important to how Google defines your content. If you have an engaged audience which is sharing your messages on social media, there’s a higher chance your content will be noticed by content creators and shared again for those all-important backlinks.

Play to your audience

 Know what type of content your audience will be searching for by listening to them on social media. Once you’ve figured out what it is they need, tailor your marketing strategy in order to find out what your “users intent” actually is and play it to your advantage.

Keep it local 

 If you’re a small or medium-sized brand, it’s more than likely you want to be found by the people or businesses in your area. Ensure your social media pages are fully updated with company address, phone number etc. This will make User Experience much friendlier, aiding your SEO efforts.

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