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Everything You Need to Know About The Instagram Update


This week, Instagram hit a nerve with many of its users!

What’s changed?

Instagram decided to change to an algorithm based feed rather than a chronological feed, so when you log onto Instagram, you will see posts that they believe are of interest to you first. This means that if you have ‘liked’ a post which a company/person posted, their photos, regardless of the time posted, will be at the top of your timeline. It also means that if you follow someone, but rarely interact with them, you won’t see their pictures on your homepage as much.

Celebrity reactions

You might have noticed a number of celebrities voicing their opinions on the change. Kylie Jenner, owner of 7th most followed account on Instagram, spoke out stating “I don’t really understand it and there has to be another motive because you follow people for a reason.” Unsure why Instagram is changing, she ended her comment with “I hate this new update.” Other A-list celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, John Mayer and Ellie Goulding have also asked followers to turn on their post notifications.

How will it affect businesses and bloggers?

Small businesses and bloggers have also been requesting users turn on post notifications so that their followers will still see their posts instantaneously. The new change could affect small businesses and bloggers who use Instagram as a base for their business, as their posts are likely to receive less views. This could then have a huge effect on clicks through to their website and brand exposure.

One Instagram user created a petition last night, which has caught interest from around the world.


Instagram has grown to be one of the most popular social networks since its launch in 2010. The original purpose of Instagram was that when you post a photo, it INSTAntly appears on your follower’s page in chronological order! Why Instagram decided to make this change has baffled many of its users.

Don’t panic yet…

Social networks need to adapt to reflect the times, if Facebook didn’t change and adapt, we would most likely be using a different social network today.

However, Instagram have realised that changing their algorithm right now may do more harm than good, especially with so many influencers voicing their views for millions to see. For now, at least, Instagram will stay the same.

Instagram have stated that they are listening to everybody’s views and opinions, and it may take months for them to get this algorithm right.

If you have any questions about the Instagram update and how it will affect your business account, get in touch with the social media team at Platform81 or tweet us @platform_81

As for now…watch this space and keep an eye on our blog for updates!