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How to Create a Logo With Impact


The importance of a well designed, professional looking logo cannot be underestimated, so here are our top 5 tips for creating a logo with impact.


Fight the temptation to imitate. We all have our brand heroes and you might feel motivated to recreate their style, but ask yourself if it’s really appropriate for your business. Your brand has a unique personality so it makes sense your logo should too.


A logo should be scalable and easy to reproduce so it can adapt to any size, colour or copy. Avoid lengthy words and phrases or a detailed, arty design. While it might look great on corporate signage how would it translate scaled down on a mobile app or business card?

Simplicity is the key.


As a long-term investment your company logo should reflect your business’s values and visions. Have a look at the market to see what is suitable for your industry. For instance, colours create instant subconscious judgements. Grey is a popular colour for corporate logos but may not be appropriate for a luxury brand.


Built in continuity is a good idea. A solid logo should last about 10 years and you can achieve this longevity by working with a professional designer.

Imagine your company growing, evolving throughout the years. While trends and fads fade, develop a logo that doesn’t.


Finally, logos represent visual communication. Describe who you are, what you do and what you stand for with your design.

Get the design right from the start and you cant go wrong. Working with a professional service means less is left to chance and more to experienced design.

Still not sure your logo accurately reflects your business? No problem.

We’ll work with you to create a logo design you can be proud of.