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How to Keep Your Customers Loyal During Lockdown


With shops and restaurants closed there’s no doubt that brands were initially daunted by how they were going to keep their customers coming back for more once this global pandemic had passed.

None of us could have predicted that this was how our marketing strategies were going to play out in 2020, but we’ve spotted some big brands that have taken on the global pandemic and tailored their activity accordingly to keep their customers loyal and guarantee they return once this is all over.

Sharing their secrets…

With the country’s lockdown enforcing that all restaurants close their doors, it’s no wonder that a large portion of the population are missing their usual takeaway treats and favourite fast food meals. So, to make lockdown life that little bit easier, and to provide some home comforts to the nation, many foodie brands have decided to put themselves directly in front of their customers by sharing their brand secrets and providing recipes for their iconic dishes. Consumers can now knock up Ikea’s meatballs, Mcdonald’s sausage and egg McMuffin, Wagamama’s Chicken Katsu Curry and Pret a Manger’s Mac n Cheese. While it may be a generous gift for consumers during this unprecedented time, this PR will help them gain favour and credit amid the closures and still guarantee their customers come back for more.

Source: McDonalds

Bringing People Together…metaphorically

Whilst we can’t physically be with those we love, there is certainly a feeling of community across the nation at the moment as we clap for our carers, help our neighbours and video call our nearest and dearest. Many brands have jumped at the idea of bringing the nation together with what they can offer. When lockdown first began, Moonpig sold a selection of ‘thank you’ cards designed purposely for key workers with customers able to send these cards for just one penny.

On a slightly different note, Bongos Bingo turned their already unique offering into a virtual event where people across the nation could still tune in ‘together’ and join in with the weird and wonderful shenanigans for free!

Supporting Those who Deserve it

Similar to Moonpig, some brands want to acknowledge the hard work those on the frontline are doing and are now offering special discounts to those working in the NHS. Halfords are offering a free 10-point car check as well as free bike checks and 10 per cent off tyres for all NHS worker’s, so they don’t have to rely on public transport during this time. Online food couriers like JustEat and UberEats are also offering discounts of up to 50 per cent off for NHS workers and Bloom & Wild are choosing 10 key workers a week to win free flowers and to brighten up a special somebody’s day.

If you’re looking for a way to adapt your offering to your customers during the pandemic be sure to get in touch and we can help you adapt your marketing strategy to make the most out of lockdown!