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Instagram Update: Do We Really Need Any More Changes This Year?!


As if this year hasn’t had enough surprises already, Instagram has truly topped 2020 off with its newest update.

There’s been changes to Instagram lives, with lives now being able to go on for as long as four hours as opposed to its previous one-hour deadline, new badges to add to stories and music stickers too but what the virtual world seem to be really kicking off about is the four biggest changes on the app…

The New Create Button

Say bye bye to the create button we’ve all come to know and love over the years as it’s been replaced by the reels tab (more on that later).

In what is evidently a bid to encourage users to post more than just an ordinary post, Instagram have changed their create button to include all post, stories, IGTV’s, lives, reels and guides. And to think up until a few years ago we could only literally post a picture to our feed…

 The new create button is located in the top corner of the home screen and is set to make a user stop and think which media they would like to post before doing so. It seems to have caused quite a stir online, but will we be looking back in a few months-time wondering why we ever questioned it? Or will it swiftly drive users to other apps to share their content?


Although on the app since August, Reels now has its own dedicated tab on the platform’s home screen. Where used to lie the app’s ‘create’ button (and what is essentially the most vital button to Instagram’s activity) now lies Reels; short, snappy, 15-second videos that are basically a clone of TikTok. We’ve said before how Instagram clearly has a bit of FOMO on the rising success of TikTok but we’re unsure as to why the need was felt to add this as a defining feature to the app’s home screen. As the famous quote goes, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.


Now this is one update that we can certainly get on board with. Previously, Instagram had its own in-platform browser for users to shop products that were tagged in posts. The newest update now has Instagram Shopping as a predominant feature on the home screen. This addition to the platform creates a faster buying experience for customers, preventing them from having to search manually on the internet for the product they’ve just seen advertised. It should also prove successful for brands too, as their customers can shop directly without having to drop off the platform.

However, it seems not everybody has welcomed this new addition…

In time, this new feature should be a welcomed one and especially in the build up to Christmas, but should the app developers have added this functionality a little more discreetly? Is the real issue here that it’s replaced what we’ve known as the notification section for so many years?


Guides is essentially a feature for creators to share tips, resources and other long-form content in a dedicated tab on their user profiles. Although originally rolled out to only a select few creators to publish content focused on mental health and well-being, the new addition is now being rolled out to all users to share anything from their top skincare this month, places they’ve travelled or simply something that has made them LOL. This addition seems a great one for marketers to share long-form content on a platform that until now has been visual only.

For users, this allows them to showcase their interests more and allow their followers to really know them that bit better. For brands, this opens up a whole range of possibilities in presenting and sharing products. It’s a much-welcomed addition to the platform, and one we’re looking forward to seeing the possibilities of.

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