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Looking into the Social Media Crystal Ball for 2020...


Social media is an integral part of people’s everyday lives and routines. It’s become a live and vibrant world that to some extent, can be unpredictable.

The content that will go viral tomorrow or which Love Islander will earn the most following from the next series can’t be predicted, however Social Media experts can instead take a look at new features being rolled out across the social platforms and which marketing tactics are growing, and use these to make our predictions for 2020.

And that’s exactly what our Social Media team have done. Take a read below of what Amanda, Conor and Jenny had to say once they’d whipped out their crystal ball…

Amanda – Head of Social Media

Facebook Ads Will Continue to Evolve…

Facebook will never sit still and will continue to tweak their offering to businesses willing to use their tools moving long into the future not just 2020. There’s already been changes announced late last year with the introduction of polls being added to traffic campaign creatives. 2020 has already seen the addition of auto-translation to ads. With automatic translations people will be able to see ads in a language they understand. There’ll be no need to create different posts and you can deliver the same ad in multiple languages. As well as this there’s also the option to add multiple text options to your ad campaigns within the same ad group.

Following this Facebook have confirmed that 2020 will be the year that WhatsApp roll out advertising within the platform….

Conor – Social Media Manager

The Rise of Tik Tok

I think a lot of marketers have somewhat dismissed the capabilities of Tik Tok as a viable marketing platform to its perceived younger audience base. Many huge influencers have now taken to the platform, and with their latest silent Google partnership brands will now be able to use the platform to help with SEO, backlinks and traffic. Tik Tok is here to stay!

Stricter Authentication Measures

A lot of major social media companies have been put under pressure to improve their verification processes due to issues with cyber bullying and discrimination in recent times. Photo identification has been speculated about as a possibility when users create a new account, whether or not that’s viable remains to be seen…

Jenny – Digital Marketing Apprentice

Social Media Platforms to Become Less Harmful

Instagram and Facebook have already rolled out the removal of likes on their platforms, with Twitter expected to do the same very shortly. Coinciding with Conor’s point of social media platforms attempting to tackle cyber bullying, I believe this year we will see content on social media becoming much less harmful and reverting back to being much more fun. If these platforms don’t take the appropriate measures to making content less harmful, users will decline anyway! Removing likes will also have an effect on influencer marketing, as some influencers wrongfully purchase likes on their posts so that brands will work with them for their following.

A Complete Shift in Influencer Advertisement

Influencers on social media have been around for a few years now and whilst they have a relatively high earned media value and are great for brands, many consumers are beginning to distrust them, so I believe this year we will see a decrease in influencers with large followings promoting products. Smaller influencers have more of a connection with their following and so have a higher level of trust which is likely to result in a conversion. Brands will be likely to divert their attention to these micro-influencers, as opposed to the Kim K’s of Instagram.

It’s safe to say that 2020 is going to be a busy one in the world of social media! If you want somebody to help you smash your social media this new year, we suggest getting in touch now!