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Make These Marketing Tricks Your Bestie!


Today marks World Friendship Day… that’s right another awareness day that every marketing team and their dog are going to try and piggyback on.

Think again, this is an age old marketing trick that has been in the marketing mix for generations and has only become more prominent with the surge in digital marketing and done subtly, it can build unbreakable friendships between your business and customers.

Here’s how you can hustle in on your customers friendships to create new business and extend your brand awareness…

It all starts with shareable content….

Content is effectively the creation of brand stories that encourage action, be that sharing, conversation or enquiries. At the end of the day great content inspires users to take some sort of action and in most cases share it with someone else whether that be via word of mouth, email or social media. We all have that one friend, family member or colleague you can relate a brands content too and will share content with them that adds value to them or yourself, whether that’s just for a laugh or for a freebie!

How can your business make friends and benefit from them? 

Tag a friend… 

‘Tag a friend’ social media competitions do what they say on the tin. Not only are they a great way to engage your already loyal follower base but it’s the perfect opportunity to extend your following by tenfold. Users are encouraged to like the post, follow the account and then tag their friends – often with no limit on how many friends they can tag therefore pushing your brand in front of a brand new audience that are captured not only by the notification that their friend has just tagged them in a comment but also the idea of winning something for doing nothing! And like good old “chain messages”, it usually starts off the domino effect and your new followers are soon tagging their friends and so.

Word of Mouth…

92% of consumers trust in companies and services that are recommended by friends, relatives or people they know which is what makes word of mouth the most valuable source of marketing.

Since the boom of influencer marketing, everyone who has a social media presence feels they’re an influencer of some sort and everyone will probably admit they will often find themselves tagging places and products in their own personal posts to let their friends and followers know where they have been shopping or visiting. Brands have been and will continue to make the most of this for years to come by incentivising user generated content. Lots of businesses run offers, competitions or incentives to tag and share content including their brand to encourage user generated content. Not only can this create a huge amount of  free content for your business to post across your social channels but it also adds authenticity whilst increasing the exposure of your brand.

 Refer a Friend

‘Refer a friend’ has always been a common marketing technique however as times have changed so has this strategy. One of the best examples of this that we’ve seen recently is when Uber encouraged users to invite a friend with a personal invite code for both to receive a free ride. Tapping into your audiences existing habits, like Uber did, is where a refer-a-friend strategy will work best. Chances are if they’re already doing it, providing an incentive for sharing is only going to encourage them to do it more.

Looking to create content that users are going to see and instantly DM to their friends, tag them on Facebook or share via Whatsapp? Get in touch to see how our Digital Marketing team will soon become your business’s new best friends!