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New Year, New Website?


The new year is here and many of us will be spending January reflecting on the past 12 months whilst making plans for the year ahead.

No matter what sorts of New Year resolutions you’ve made, one thing you can’t afford to overlook in this year is your website.

Is it time to give that tired old site a fresh new look for the New Year?

Read on as our team give their quick tips to ensure your site stays fighting fit…

Focus on conversions…

Customer journey is becoming a key aspect of web design, which promotes designers and site owners to envision the customer journey through the site. Make sure your website is simple and well optimised in order to make the customer journey as solid as possible. This approach to web design therefore increases conversions keeping the customer engaged at all times.

Keep it simple…

When creating a website, it’s easy to lose sight of the purpose. From the outset, have a clear goal of what you want your website to achieve. This may be simpler in some cases such as an e-commerce website which is purely to sell, but other types of site may require a bit more thought. Some sites may simply to be to give you a presence online, others may be to try and capture conversions. Without this goal in mind, it is easy for your website to flounder and not achieve what you actually commissioned it to do.

Look great on mobile devices….

It’s official that more users browse the web on their mobile devices instead of laptops and desktop computers. This means that your company website is far more likely to be viewed on a mobile device and so it’s incredibly important to ensure your website looks great in mobile browsers. The best way to optimise for mobile is to go ‘responsive’ which is a technique we use to enable your site to resize itself according to the size of the device. This ensures it looks great and is easy to read at every possible screen size. If you have to pinch and zoom to view your website properly on mobile then it’s definitely time to go responsive in 2016!

If you’re thinking about making a fresh start in 2016, our experienced team can help from the design and build of a new website to promoting it to gain traffic and increase sales.

Get in touch with a member of our friendly team today!