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No Facebook Pixel? No worries!


No Facebook Pixel? No worries!

Facebook Pixel Tracking has been the perfect one-size-fits-all solution to generate and implement new engagement/re-engagement audiences, conversion tracking and retargeting. However, with cookie implementation disappearing across Chrome and other browsers, it would appear that this would be the nail in proverbial coffin for Meta based social media marketing as we know it. 

Fear not, over the last few months, we as an agency have been moving away from Pixel-based tracking and towards Meta’s Conversion API tracking, which offers a similar mapping tool to track the user journey while presenting a more customisable tracking infrastructure. While this is a significant shift, targeting and retargeting web traffic is one aspect to the overall campaign infrastructure and this change will not affect any audience sources within Meta’s own channels. 

Any alterations to audience implementation brings challenges to performance, something that we have seen with the clients we have already implemented this change to.

However, as we always say; consistency is key. 

If you have any questions or need further advice regarding the new Meta’s Conversions API tracking, get in touch with our social media specialists today.