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Internal News

Platform81 Stockport Gets a Motivational Makeover!


The Platform81 team recently did a day of ‘soul searching’ and took a day out of the office to think about what really defines us as a business.

The whole team got involved and our aim for the day was to define our mission, vision and values.

Having finished the workshop on a real high, we wanted to make sure our work from the day was on display all around the Stockport office. We got our thinking caps on and set to work putting our new mission, vision and values into some branded graphics. Our good friends over at The Binary Box then printed and installed the graphics for us, all within a week!

Check out the final results over on our Facebook page . We hope you like our newly defined mission, vision and values and the fantastic graphics we’ve had produced.

If you think your workplace could do with a little creative or inspirational flair, then why not consider having some custom Wall Graphics produced yourself ? Give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to do the same for you!