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Tour De Manc

A Revamped Website to Empower Cyclists of All Identities

What we did

  • UI/UX
  • Website Design
  • Website Development

Tour de Manc is a charitable organization rooted in Manchester, dedicated to fostering inclusivity and community through cycling. Their mission is to provide an exhilarating sportive experience that caters to individuals of diverse abilities, ages, and cultural backgrounds. We extend a warm welcome to cyclists of all identities, including transgender, non-binary, queer, women, and men.

Driven by our passion for inclusivity, we embarked on a journey to revamp Tour de Man’s online presence. With a focus on modern design and user-friendliness, we proudly present our newly crafted website. This digital platform serves as a hub for cyclists to explore our events, connect with fellow enthusiasts, and access valuable resources.

Web Design & UX

We aimed to encapsulate the essence of Manchester’s vibrant culture and its rich history within the realm of cycling. Our design approach seamlessly merges functionality with aesthetics, offering visitors an immersive experience that reflects the dynamic spirit of the city. From the sleek interface to the intuitive navigation, every element is meticulously crafted to provide users with effortless access to information about the Tour de Manc cycling event. Through engaging visuals and user-friendly features, we invite enthusiasts to explore the website and embrace the excitement of this iconic cycling event in Manchester.

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Graphic Design

In addition to the website, we extended the Tour de Manc brand experience through the creation of signage, clothing, and print materials. Our design approach ensured consistency across all touchpoints, reflecting the event’s identity and values. The signage, strategically placed along the route, provided clear guidance for participants and spectators alike, enhancing safety and engagement. Our custom-designed clothing not only showcased the Tour de Manc brand but also offered comfort and functionality for riders, reinforcing a sense of unity among participants. Furthermore, our print materials, including posters and brochures, effectively communicated event details and encouraged community involvement. Through thoughtful design and execution, these tangible elements contributed to the overall success and impact of the Tour de Manc charity bike ride.

Platform 81 have been instrumental in bolstering the public image of Tour de Manc and are doing a brilliant job engaging future riders for our Charity Sportive. Their attention to detail and response times to our queries is mint. They don't mither the TdM team, they just get on with it and produce sound results. Platform 81 are Top!!

Danny Franks – Co Founder

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