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Brand Identity

A strong, unique, professional brand identity is one of the most important elements in establishing your business.

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Corporate Identity

Your brand is a promise.

Your corporate identity affirms who you are, what you do and what you stand for through the visual devices used within the brand.

Whether you are a start up company or an established organisation, you need to possess a strong image that is instantly recognisable to customers, stakeholders and employees.

Think McDonalds, Nike, Apple.

Our approach is simple. Platform81 branding solutions ensure you develop a corporate identity that will do the talking for your business.

You may not be a 'super brand' but we'll find out what makes your brand unique and help you shout about it.

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Logo Design

First impressions count.

A strong, unique, professional logo is one of the most important elements in establishing your brand identity.

The simplest design can speak volumes about a company's personality so Platform81 provide a logo your business can be proud of.

We take care of the little details from formula to design, ensuring your logo is scalable, clear, easy to reproduce and more importantly identifiable with your brand.

As your brand evolves, your logo will be consistent and built to stand the test of time.

Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines are your company's bible.

The documents regulate your brands visual identity, from approved fonts and colour schemes, to the company's tone of voice and how staff should engage with customers.

These guidelines ensure your brand is coherent and therefore recognisable as a whole.

Everything your business does is reflected in your brand, and being able to control this is a powerful tool.

Platform81 help design and implement a set of brand guidelines to keep the unified image of your business, ensuring it speaks clearly whether through imagery or copy.

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