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Over 45 million people – or 66% – of the UK’s population use social media.

Defined as “websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking”, social media platforms are not only free to use, but with the pool of engaged users so vast, it offers the perfect medium for increasing brand visibility and driving target audience engagement.

Organic Social Media Marketing
Organic Social Media Marketing
Organic Social Media Marketing

However, with changing algorithms, trends and content requirements it can be difficult to know where to start. So, what exactly is organic social media marketing? How can the right strategy drive business growth? And what can our social media experts at Platform81 do to help?

Organic social media marketing explained

Organic social media marketing is the process of creating and sharing content via social media channels [without any form of advertising spend] to reach and engage your target audiences.

Where B2B businesses will benefit from sharing consistent updates via platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter, B2C or more consumer focused businesses will benefit from the creation of Reels, Stories and short videos published via TikTok and Instagram.

While this sounds straight forward in theory, impactful social media marketing requires creativity and consistency, combined with a well thought out strategy that not only builds audience engagement, but also successfully converts your followers into customers.

The importance of good content

Good content and imagery that fits your aesthetic is vital, but the most important part of social media marketing is the accompanying text. Imagery will grab a user’s attention and cause them to pause mid-scroll, but the caption is what really sells your brand – meaning the right balance between creativity and tone of voice is key to success.

Social media captions are a direct line of communication to your followers and can add great value to a post, helping your audience get to know you and your business better. What’s more, good content supported by trending hashtags will help reach and engage with new followers, enabling you to build a readily engaged community of followers sure to like and engage with your latest posts, stories and updates.

The benefits of social media management

As any successful influencer will tell you, managing and maintaining several social media channels can be an arduous task, which is why the team at Platform81 are more than happy to take the reins.

We’ll create authoritative brand content, share third-party news, develop creative campaigns and promote your products and services, all through the creation of a bespoke organic social media strategy that will build brand presence across the best platforms for your business.

How can Platform81 help?

At Platform81, our team of experts boast years of experience in social media marketing.

We pride ourselves on delivering social media strategies that meet your needs and budget, all while building a strong social presence that engages target audiences and builds a community.

What’s more, we will walk you through the entire process: from an initial social media audit to show you what’s working well for your competitors, to establishing content themes or pillars sure to engage your fans, followers and wider target audiences.

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