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Should My Website Be Responsive?


In the last few years the way we browse the Internet has changed, with much more focus on mobile browsing (33% of all web traffic in January 2015). It is important that websites adapt to meet these new habits – one way of doing this is to make them responsive.

Traditionally, if a website was to work on a mobile device, it would require a separate mobile site which operated independently of the main desktop site.

Responsive websites, mean you have a single website where the content resizes, or ‘responds’ to the screen size that it is being viewed on. Other aspects of the site might change too such as the navigation and imagery.

As you are probably aware, viewing a non-mobile or responsive website on a mobile device can be tricky, with a lot of screen pinching and careful taps to make sure you are pressing on the right areas of the site. This often leads to a great deal of frustration and you may even leave to find a website that is easier to browse. A responsive site makes for a much more enjoyable experience, enabling you to browse the site on any device. Users are also much more likely to stay on the site for longer which is likely to result in a conversion.

For businesses responsive websites make much more sense and will do the job of both a mobile and desktop site…all for the cost of one website!

A more recent benefit of making your website responsive is that Google now views them more positively in the search rankings. Whilst Google have said that having a responsive or mobile friendly website won’t hurt your rankings, having an optimised site will certainly help.

In conclusion, if you choose not to have a responsive website or to upgrade your site to make responsive, you are potentially making it difficult for a large chunk of users to access and use your website comfortably.

At Platform81, we recommend all websites be made responsive in order to make them accessible and easy to use for as many people as possible.

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