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The Benefits of Online Learning During Lockdown


With the nation working from home, it has been a big change for most. Adapting to a new environment is never easy and adapting in a time like this feels even stranger.

One thing that our Digital team have been doing to take advantage of this quieter time and to stay focused is online learning, by taking part in an online training workshop about Digital PR for SEO ran by authoritycom. As well as some insightful SEO knowledge that both the SEO and Marketing teams can use to work together and develop their pre-existing roles, the guys also learnt a lot about how beneficial online learning can be.

Thinking of doing some online learning? Here’s four reasons why you should make the most of lockdown and do it now!

Career Advancement

The things you can learn online are endless, with hundreds of thousands of courses to choose from. Now more than ever, this is the perfect time to improve a skill you may have previously struggled with, or to learn more about something that you can use to better yourself in your current role. You never know the opportunities learning can bring! 

Learning More About Your Team

If you can’t find a course that will help you develop in your own career, why not take the opportunity to learn more about your teammates and what they do. You might not realise it, but there may be some correlations between what you do and another team within the business and from this, you may be able to work closer together in harmony to produce some fantastic results. It might also help you understand a little more of their office jargon once you return to work too!


If you’re workload has decreased slightly then there really is no excuse to say you ‘can’t find the time’ to do some online learning! Online learning offers the flexibility to fit around your everyday workload, so make the most of being in your own environment too as now you don’t have to pop into a meeting or be away from your desk. You can simply dedicate an hour of your time after lunch to learning with no distractions!

Keeps Up Motivation

What’s going on in the world right now is very strange, as there’s never been anything like it before. If your current workload is a bit thin on the ground, or you’ve been furloughed then don’t let yourself get into a rut of thinking negatively about your job. Simply use this time to up-skill and motivate yourself for when you return!

We’d like to say a big thank you to Joe Shervell at authoritycom for not only providing some incredibly informative insights to our team during their own online learning, but for also removing the fees of his online training workshop to all attendees due to the pandemic!

Did you know we offer Social Media Strategy training as well as WordPress training? Now could be the ideal time to get to grips with your own digital presence so get in touch with us today to discuss.