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The Brands We Fell in Love With


Roses are red, we’re experts on branding, here are some of the digital brands we find outstanding!

When you have insider knowledge about exactly what kind of work has gone into developing a brand it makes you appreciate it all that much more. This Valentine’s Day we thought we’d share some of the brands that the Platform81 team love and what made us fall for them in the first place!

Amanda: Head of Social Media

I genuinely love IKEA. I think they market themselves as the perfect mix of aspirational and attainable. It’s not just that you want your home to look like an IKEA catalogue, your home can look like an IKEA catalogue. I’m also a big fan of their adverts, I couldn’t stop singing “You’ll Always Find me in the Kitchen at Parties” and I never sing!

David: Lead Web Developer

In my opinion, the Premier League is an example of great branding. It’s very subtle but instantly recognisable, when you see the logo you immediately know what it is. I’m also a fan of Chilly’s Bottles. The website is awesome in terms of both function and design, and the product is so simple.

Bridie: Digital Marketing Coordinator

Call me a millennial but I love the mix of pop culture and meme references in Burger King’s social media marketing. They know their audience and get away with promoting their product where other brands might not because their humour is really self-aware.

Oli: Web Developer

I’m a big fan of local clothing brand, Oipolloi. I think their products are really different compared to most of the stuff on the market right now. I was attracted to their bright, retro branding and the minimalist design of their website. Their brand identity is dead straight forward and likeable too.

Jenny: Digital Marketing Apprentice

I’m always a fan of brands that are on top of their social media customer service. I recently bought a bag from Ted Baker but ended up returning it when I discovered it had a reflective finish, something that wasn’t apparent from the picture on the website. Not only were the Ted Baker team incredibly helpful on social media, they also implemented updates to their website based off of my comments to ensure the same thing didn’t happen again.

Chris: Web Developer

If we’re basing this on the product alone I’d have to say MSI Gaming Laptops, they’re pretty much unrivalled when it comes to quality and performance. The product speaks for itself. Otherwise, I’m a sucker for a catchy jingle and a cute character. Compare the Meerkat is one of my favourites, who doesn’t love Sergei? Oh, and Go Compare is my guilty pleasure.

Fiona: Digital Account Manager

I love the clothing brand Joules and I particularly like the kids clothing. Their social content is always fun, fresh and interesting because they share content outside of product promotions like recipe ideas and activities to do with the kids which is much more of an incentive to follow them.

Puneet: SEO Executive

I appreciate a brand that lets the customer get exactly what they want without wasting time. John Lewis, House of Fraser, and Debenhams are all great examples of this. Their websites all have simple navigation systems but that’s what makes them so user friendly. They’re not overly complicated and you know exactly how to get from A to B no matter what you want.

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