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The Growing Importance of Mobile Websites


Long gone are the days where mobile phones were used solely for making calls and sending messages.

Mobile technology has advanced so far that our smartphones are now used to run and manage our everyday lives. Whether it’s booking a holiday, paying a bill, managing finances, reserving a table or buying the weekly shop – everything can now be done when on the move from our mobile phones.

A recent trip to Hong Kong exemplified the dependence that the population now has on their mobile phones. “Watch where you are walking, not your mobile phone” are signs you will regularly see in the stations, airport and public areas around the city. Face to face interaction is slowly losing its importance – platforms such as Whatsapp, BBM, Facebook Messenger now mean we can communicate instantly with people on the other side of the world.

In 2014, smart phone usage topped 1.75 billion worldwide – and this is a huge opportunity for marketers. Mobile has now taken over fixed line internet access, so from a web development perspective, it is now imperative that websites are compatible and responsive to mobiles and tablets. Web usability is vital to the success of any website – if a user cannot find or do what the want on a website instantly (whether on PC or mobile) they will go elsewhere.

Communication via mobile phones is intrusive –the location of the user and previous online activity can determine the messages, advertisements and communications they receive. This is why marketers are increasing their focus on Mobile activity. With smartphones, users are “Always On” meaning that they are constantly in touch with their phones, and more importantly, the internet and the 3G/4G network so messages, adverts and pop ups and “in-app” communications are received 24-7.

‘Instant access on the move’ is more important than ever. If your web presence is not mobile compatible, it will almost certainly work against you.

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