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The Power of Mummy Bloggers


Long gone are the days where blogging was only for women in their twenties to talk about beauty products and shopping, as an immovable force in the blogosphere has seen a huge rise in ‘Mummy Bloggers’.


Why do audiences love mummy bloggers?

These women are real mothers, talking about their real lives and not holding back on the struggles, but also joys, of being a mother. The main reason why mummy bloggers are so loved is that they’re exactly that; they’re real. They’re paramount to a society where being your own version of normal is best and this makes them relatable to an audience online. Let’s be honest, who can relate and connect to a Kardashian celebrity lifestyle where thousands are spent weekly on hair stylists? As mummy bloggers are not afraid of talking about motherhood in a completely open spotlight, new mums tend to find comfort in them as they are reassured that they aren’t alone. 

Which mummy bloggers do we love?

The Less-Refined Mind

Kate blogs about bringing up her two young children, and the things she faces during this. Whether it be breastfeeding or bullying, Kate has everything a mum needs to maintain their positivity and sanity.


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Mother of Daughters

Not only is Clemmie a mother to four young daughters, she is also an NHS Midwife making her the ultimate power mummy.


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The Fat Funny One

If being a mother to two young girls wasn’t enough, Jess is also a Mental Health Activist and Motivational Speaker about topics surrounding body confidence.


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Brummy Mummy AKA Emma is all about being her true self, whether it be talking about school tantrums, rows with her other half or the never-ending mum guilt, everything is covered with humour.



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Mummy, Daddy, Me

Katie began to write her blog during maternity leave, meaning a large amount of her following have been there throughout her journey of motherhood.


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What can a brand gain from using mummy bloggers?

Increased Reach and Engagement

Successful marketing isn’t about reaching as many people as possible, it’s about reaching the right audience for your brand. If your main audience is mums, then what better way to promote your product than using a mum to do this? Micro-influencers like mummy bloggers tend to have a niche audience that suits them and their interests, so they are more likely to engage with the content put in front of them. With 60% of mummy bloggers saying they choose to blog about brands they love or hate, a huge audience is ready and waiting for you.


Everybody knows that word of mouth is the most trusted form of marketing, and that doesn’t change when it comes to mums. Bloggers tend to have a loyal following as they have credibility with other bloggers which means that they actually have a huge amount of influence on their audience, as they have a trust with their followers that unknown brands may not have yet.

The benefits of using social media, and influencers like the mummy’s we mentioned above, are endless. You can check out a few of them here, and if that’s not enough or you want to know more then get in touch with our expert social media team today.