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We’re guarding ourselves (and our clients) against cyber threats!


We’re proud to announce our commitment to the Cyber Essentials scheme and our clients by completing the Cyber Essentials Plus Certification!

Cyber Essentials is an effective, Government backed scheme that helps businesses to protect their organisation, whatever its size, against a whole range of the most common cyber-attacks.

With a recent Cyber Security Breaches Survey highlighting that over four in ten businesses (43%) experienced a cyber security breach or attack in the last 12 months we felt it was more important than ever to make this even more of a priority and formalise our cyber security policy.

We know more than anyone that the majority of businesses (including us and our clients) are reliant on online services which therefore increases the chances of exposure to cyber security risks. With our team being so heavily reliant on digital communication we knew it was the right time to assure our clients that our systems are 100% secure.

Gary, Technical Director said, “It’s important for our clients to know we have reached a certain standard when it comes to cyber security and we value the importance of it as a business. Companies who trust us to look after their websites and digital marketing need to feel confident they can trust us when it comes to looking after their data too. Over the last 12 months we have invested heavily in on our internal systems and staff training to ensure all services are safeguarded. Cyber security is important to us and something we will be working to improve even further in 2019.”

Working alongside Assure Technical, we completed the Cyber Essentials with the ‘plus’ variation of the scheme which includes an external audit by third party, IASME consortium to ensure all our systems are secure.

Want to know more about Cyber Essentials? Chris Ensor, Deputy Director for Cyber Skills and Growth answers some common questions about the scheme here.

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* The Cyber Security Breaches Survey is a quantitative and qualitative survey of UK businesses and, for the first time in this 2018 release, charities. The quantitative survey was carried out in winter 2017 and the qualitative survey in early 2018.